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Apartment Therapy's cooking blog, TheKitchn, posted a recipe about 2-3 days before Mother's day (as a brunch suggestion for said day) which looked absolutely delicious, and which I made on Sunday. link

I used challah bread, as that's a lot easier to find around here than brioche, and it was one of several eggy breads recommended to make it. I didn't make the minted raspberry part of the dish, I think raspberries are still about $8 per berry at this point in time in the store, so I don't think so.

The end result was very tasty, and I enjoyed it. However, I don't actually think I'd make this again. The Lemon Soufflé pudding I make kind of comes close in texture to this, as that bakes into a cake-y sponge pudding on top and has sauce underneath, versus bread soaked in a custard, and it has a bit more lemon bang for its buck. They take about the same amount of time to prepare and cook too, so I'll go with my first love, even though I wouldn't ever consider making it for breakfast (I have eaten leftovers of it for breakfast though, mmm!)

You could probably adapt the recipe to be a cinnamon based version too, rather than lemon. Replace the zest that tops the bread layers with cinnamon, and the lemon juice only gets used as a glaze in conjunction with confectioner's sugar, so there you could replace it with water and maybe add more cinnamon or something else in there, or nothing at all. But at that point, I suppose I'd just make regular French toast, which would be faster.

So, overall, it was good and everyone did enjoy it, but it's so close to something else that I make and love more, that I personally will be unlikely to make it again. But, it was another new thing I tried.
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