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Apartment Therapy's cooking blog, TheKitchn, posted a recipe about 2-3 days before Mother's day (as a brunch suggestion for said day) which looked absolutely delicious, and which I made on Sunday. link

I used challah bread, as that's a lot easier to find around here than brioche, and it was one of several eggy breads recommended to make it. I didn't make the minted raspberry part of the dish, I think raspberries are still about $8 per berry at this point in time in the store, so I don't think so.

The end result was very tasty, and I enjoyed it. However, I don't actually think I'd make this again. The Lemon Soufflé pudding I make kind of comes close in texture to this, as that bakes into a cake-y sponge pudding on top and has sauce underneath, versus bread soaked in a custard, and it has a bit more lemon bang for its buck. They take about the same amount of time to prepare and cook too, so I'll go with my first love, even though I wouldn't ever consider making it for breakfast (I have eaten leftovers of it for breakfast though, mmm!)

You could probably adapt the recipe to be a cinnamon based version too, rather than lemon. Replace the zest that tops the bread layers with cinnamon, and the lemon juice only gets used as a glaze in conjunction with confectioner's sugar, so there you could replace it with water and maybe add more cinnamon or something else in there, or nothing at all. But at that point, I suppose I'd just make regular French toast, which would be faster.

So, overall, it was good and everyone did enjoy it, but it's so close to something else that I make and love more, that I personally will be unlikely to make it again. But, it was another new thing I tried.
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A recipe from Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn blog.

Originally I'd had grandiose plans of making this on Christmas Day, but it ended up being either New Year's Day or the day after that. It's pretty time-consuming, due mostly to the various periods in which the dough needs to rise. It IS however spectacularly delicious.

It keeps well, and when the recipe says that it can be made a day or two in advance, that's definitely the way to go if you have any plans on serving it in the morning without getting up at Oh-God-Thirty-Ayem to have it freshly done by the time people trot in for food.

I didn't use brandy to soak the cranberries in, but Grand Marnier, which was the only thing at hand at the time. It was delicious. Next time it'll likely be Cointreau, as I still have some of that left that has otherwise been employed to make things like Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cloud Cake.
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Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. Besides tidying the various remnants in the house that need tidying, I also need to do a big shop and a bunch of prep work for Dashiell's birthday/our housewarming party.

Because I'm a complete masochist, I'm going to bake and decorate Dash's cake myself. Complete with coloured fondant and all kinds of decorations. That said, I'm not so masochistic that I'm following the cake decorating magazine's descriptions to the letter and making it a 2 tier cake. I'll stick with a single tier. We're also not expecting that many people, so a 12" and 8" cake would be kind of ridiculous. So a single 9" cake it will be.

I'm also going to bake and decorate cupcakes.

And make fruit salad.

And... and...


Dec. 3rd, 2006 03:13 pm
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So yesterday I made Hungarian goulash for dinner, per this recipe that was posted by [ profile] alasharia_la in her LJ a few weeks ago. Can't get more authentic than a recipe that actually comes from someone who is Hungarian.

Super easy, and tasty. We had ours with mashed potato. And there was enough that I could freeze two batches for dinner another time, always a bonus.

Tonight we'll have "Chickpeas Cooked in Tea" with "Delicious Chicken Bits" per my Madhur Jaffrey cookbook. The second recipe will be a new one for me to try, the first is already a favourite of mine.

And depending on how much other stuff I get done this afternoon, and if I have time, I might bake some pumpkin cookies. Mmmm...

The microwave just dinged to let me know that the milk is warm for our café au lait with the chicory coffee from Café du Monde in New Orleans. Delish!


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