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I just really dig that hat, even though I'd look patently ridiculous wearing it :P

They do adult as well as kid's sizes.

PreZ likes that one for Dash :D

This one also amuses me a lot.

If you check out the other posts on that LJ, you'll see other funny and funky hats.
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Okay, this particular one isn't my precious, but we now own one just like it, a Nikon D70S. With an 18-70mm and 70-300mm lens.

It's all [ profile] flatfive's fault... and

This thing takes the most amazing pictures, and we got a photo printer with it too (yay for rebates)... the pictures you print out with it, taken with the D70S, are just like "real" pictures, with the vibrant depth of colour, and no visible signs that it was done on a home printer. It's also a fast camera. One of my pet peeves with our previous digital camera was always that there was a delay of a few seconds between pressing the button and actually taking the picture. The other pet peeve was always the tone/colour of many digital camera pictures (they're always kind of washed out), and the way that they usually look crappy when printed out on your average printer.

[ profile] flatfive, I'll probably be asking you all about how to do stuff with it :)
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Just as I was thinking that I need to hurry up and learn to knit so I can make leg warmers for Dashiell, so that he doesn't get cold legs when his pant legs hike up when I carry him in the Mei Tai, someone points me to

They have them in black, with bones on them! And on those ones are discounted for the post-Halloween season. Whee!

*goes to order*
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Treacherous Anthropologist-Nabbing Terror from the Haunted Earth

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What I hadn't noticed before, when the cyborg one circulated, was that you can actually order t-shirts and mugs with your own name and avatar. Much coolness.
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As a compliment to the carnivorous garden...

I do remember having seen it somewhere before, but lost the link, so thanks to [ profile] ladyattercop for giving me the link.
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I can't remember who it was, but someone on my FL recently wanted to get a Venus Flytrap, but then decided against it I believe.

That person needs this:


Aug. 6th, 2005 10:36 pm
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One of the many reasons why I love Stash.

I covet this tea set.

Oh, and to those of you new to the site (I have pimped it before), if you like tea, and Earl Grey in particular, I highly recommend their Double Bergamot Earl Grey. It's divine.


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