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Happy Birthday Dashiell!

I can't believe you are 4 already. It seems like no time at all since you were born, and now you're definitely not so little anymore.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I love you :)
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Happy New Year to everyone!

I have been a bad LJ person. I haven't kept up with anything the past 2 or so months, and obviously have not posted either. It is likely that such will be remedied shortly.

In the meantime, here are the kiddos:

August '08

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October '08

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When Prez informed a former colleague of the birth of Matilda on IM the other day, he joked to said colleague that he could type her name as ~ (tilde) being that Tilda is one nickname for Matilda. Said colleague then pointed out that we already have a - (Dash) and that we are the ( ) (parens aka parentheses).


Funny, but completely accidental.

So our family is (-~) ?

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Dear Dashiell,

Today you are 2!

Happy Birthday!


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This is the example picture from the cake decorating magazine of the cake I want to make for Dashiell.

Bear in mind that I'm only doing a single tier though.

Tonight I get to dye all the fondant in preparation for tomorrow, when I'll bake the cake.
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Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. Besides tidying the various remnants in the house that need tidying, I also need to do a big shop and a bunch of prep work for Dashiell's birthday/our housewarming party.

Because I'm a complete masochist, I'm going to bake and decorate Dash's cake myself. Complete with coloured fondant and all kinds of decorations. That said, I'm not so masochistic that I'm following the cake decorating magazine's descriptions to the letter and making it a 2 tier cake. I'll stick with a single tier. We're also not expecting that many people, so a 12" and 8" cake would be kind of ridiculous. So a single 9" cake it will be.

I'm also going to bake and decorate cupcakes.

And make fruit salad.

And... and...
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Today 2 years ago was my due date with Dashiell.

Crazy how time flies.
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So [ profile] prez is in a rut. I know how he feels. We're like the rut family right now.

Except for Dashiell, because being in a rut would be too much like a schedule, and $deity knows that he doesn't do schedules (which is why I'm starting the day bright and early at 4.30am) *headdesk*.
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Life has been a mish-mash of exhaustion, stress and a touch of depression.

Exhaustion is due to Dashiell being back in his ridiculous sleeping schedule, defying all attempts to either cycle him around the clock or get him to wake up at regimented hours. Though the latter is hard to do when I'm not getting much of any sleep. The last thing I want to do is wake up at 8am after being up all night until 6.30am. At least I know from's forums that I'm not the only person with a child that sleeps like a crazy person. The new place has much more light than our current apartment, so I'm hoping that that will help with his circadian rhythm... that and the fact that the weather ought to start getting nicer soon, which will allow for more outside activities, and we'll be moving to a place that actually has more places to go to and things to see and do... a library and shops and a Starbucks (yes, I'm weak) in walking distance.

The packing for the move has been going slowly. Being exhausted most of the time means that I've not packed much during the week while PreZ has been at work. It's depressing being too tired to do much of anything most of the time. This place needed a tidy-up anyway, and that was besides the packing stuff that was added a month ago when we had to start looking for a new place to live.

One of the stress points for me has been wondering how we're going to get everything to fit. The new place has some more space than this one, but a lot less storage. Both upstairs bedrooms have a closet, and there's a cupboard in the kitchen/dining area that could maybe house the vacuum and some other stuff, and that's it for built-in storage. The house has a basement, but we don't have full run of that as the landlord uses some of it, which is annoying. I remember the landlord complaining about how the previous tenants started taking over more and more of the basement, and when I thought about it, it didn't surprise me, especially when you consider that the previous tenants moved in with a toddler, much like we did, and I think they even had another child while they lived there for 7 years. You accumulate a lot of stuff when you have a child (or few), and sometimes you want to store stuff for future use with a future child. So the more I thought about it, the more I felt that the landlord was whining, especially with the lack of other storage space in the home. It's also not a particularly large house, so the amounts of storage that you can add will always be limited to a degree.

The office is smaller than the room we currently use for that purpose, so we had to figure out in which other rooms we could place some of the furniture. At least now we'll have a separate bedroom for Dashiell which will be nice to put some of the furniture and toys and such we have for him.

We have an order pending for a new mattress, which will be delivered to the new place the day before we move in. PreZ will be working there that afternoon so that he can be around when they hook up the dish and all that stuff. We're upgrading to a king size Tempur-pedic. I might not get much sleep in hours, but the quality should improve with a new mattress that doesn't poke uncomfortably.

At the end of the week we'll put in the order for the new bed we want, as well as some other pieces for the bedroom and living room. It'll be nice to have more permanent furniture than the Ikea stuff we have for most of those functions. I already feel rootless enough at times, living in a rented place, knowing that in a matter of years we'll be moving away again. So buying some nice furniture pieces that will last us a long while eases that a bit. There's nothing wrong with Ikea furniture, it's durable and functional and all that, but sometimes it's so basic that I almost find it devoid of style... or at least it just doesn't fit my own style.

Ramble ramble ramble...
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I mentioned in an earlier post once about the cross-stitch sampler I want to make for Dashiell. Here's a picture of it. It's from a Dutch magazine, Ariadne (Baby en Peuter), back from 1990, before Ariadne in general turned to suck.

Ariadne used to be a monthly craft magazine, mostly 'fiber arts'. I think it started somewhere in the 60s or so (at least, I saw old ones from the 60s when we dug through my aunt's stuff), and was always full of stuff to do. It came with a removable workbook in the center, which had all the patterns and instructions. It would contain sewing and knitting patterns, cross-stitch charts, various other crafty how-to's. I've never really seen a magazine like it since... the only one that comes close in the way that it has free patterns in the inner worksheet is Burda, but that's purely sewing.

And then in the 90s it changed, and started leaning more to home decorating. And now it's really nothing more than a buying guide for home furnishings (and a lot of it in the kind of french country style) with the occasional craft project thrown in.

I think my mother has a complete run of the magazine from the 1980s, and after my aunt passed, I got a bunch of them too. The 80s ones have the best patterns... stuff that's not so outdated or can be easily updated, and just really nifty ideas and patterns. Of course it's still back in Holland with the rest of my stuff, waiting to be shipped out here.

And so I ramble...

Snowed In

Dec. 20th, 2006 06:15 pm
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So on the day we're supposed to travel back home to NY, Colorado gets hit by the worst blizzard in a couple of years. Wonderful. Our and [ profile] anachronaut's flights were cancelled.

The first direct flight out to La Guardia isn't until Sunday, so we're going via San Francisco and to JFK instead, because that will at least leave on Friday and get us home late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Friday is also the last day we can stay at the condo, because the Christmas renters will arrive some time that afternoon.

Today we're vegging with Kit whose mother's condo we're staying at. Tomorrow we might go rent skis again, drop Dashiell off at the resort daycare, get everyone hooked up with new lift passes, and enjoy the 1 foot+ of snow that we're supposed to be able to get today.

And hopefully by Friday everyone will be on their way to their final destinations.

Other than that we've been having a great time. The condo is a few minutes walk from the ski lifts, and we've had lovely weather. Breckenridge is a really cute and quaint town, with its Victorian/Western facades, and in the evenings with the lights on it looks like Christmas town or something. We took 3 days of classes, and then had 3 days of free skiing. PreZ even attempted a black diamond slope yesterday... not realising until he was on it that it was a mogul slope, lol. He had Kit with him though, who's been skiing black slopes since not too long after he was out of diapers, so plenty of expert advice. I went down the blue-black slope that ran parallel... and seeing as I'd been doing easy blues, that was a challenge and a half mind you. I'll add that last week Thursday was the first time PreZ ever stood on a pair of skis, and it was the first time I'd been on skis in 13 years (and that was the first and only time I'd ever gone skiing).

Dashiell threw a bit of a spanner in the works by teething and having altitude problems, so the first 2 days he ran a high fever (103.6F at one point) and we had to keep him home from daycare. Thankfully Kit's mother could watch him Thursday and Friday afternoon, so I only missed our Friday morning class. We kept him home again Tuesday morning when his fever came back and he was super grouchy with the teething again. But he's been a real trooper and the daycare ladies love him, of course :)
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It figures... I order stuff from Hanna Andersson, and when it arrives today and I happen to look on the website to check to see whether items come in a size smaller too, I noticed that 2 of the items that I got are now on sale (and one for $20 and one for $10 cheaper, which is quite a bit, especially for kids' clothes). Thankfully they have something where if it's marked down within 14 days of your order that you can get the difference credited to you.

So tomorrow a trip to the Hanna store in White Plains, because lucky for me we have a store close by too. I need to at least get the snowsuit I got Dashiell in a smaller size. He's 77 cm's tall, and I got him the size 80 (they do sizing in cm's), because I figured that'd be the best fit... especially seeing as with his 30.5 inches he's at the bottom end of their 30 inch US equivalent sizing, and he fits the 10-24 month age range size bracket. It's so big he could probably fit a younger friend in there with him >_< I swear the sleeves are at least 4-5 inches too long. Yes, that's inches not centimetres. It's also somewhat too long for him, and if I'm not careful his head almost vanishes into the neck of it. It's cute and funny, but not very practical, especially for winter. If I were to stuff the suit he'd look like an arctic Sumo wrestler.

So hopefully in the store they'll actually have the size 70 availible so I can try it on him. And if not, I'm going to have to come up with something else, because they're sold out of the size 70 on the site.

The fleece jacket I got him is also a little on the large side, but nothing that rolling the sleeves can't fix, and that's what they're made for anyway. So I may just keep that one, especially because he'll probably wear it until something like May. I'll have to show PreZ when he gets home, get his opinion on it, though odds are he won't have one.

The cute shoes I got him might also go back for a smaller size. Somehow even though I go based on the sizing instructions, things end up being a lot bigger than they should be.

All the above really underscores an increasing problem I'm having with clothing Dashiell. He's a slim child, not skinny mind you (especially not in an unhealthy way), but because he had a heart murmur due to a sizable open duct for the first 8 months, which burned calories like crazy, he just never had those newborn fat rolls that many kids do. Plus he's super active, always jumping and bouncing around and now cruising with walking hopefully soon to follow. Add to that that Cri du Chat kids are also apparently known to be slimmer, he's starting to become too slim for many clothes, though height wise he's doing pretty good.

For example... 12-18 month Gymboree sizing says that the waist is 19 1/4 inch, and their 18-24 month sizes have a 19 3/4 inch waist. Dashiell's waist is 18 inches. The diaper helps keep the 12-18 month pants he has up, but I think that it's just going to get ridiculous when I buy the size up, especially seeing as he's getting close to needing those for the length.

It seems as though the only alternative at this time is going to be to acquire patterns and then start trying to make clothing for him myself, because at least that way I can make sure it's not sagging off his little butt, or fine in the waist but doing that floodwater-rising thing in the pant legs.
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In a week and 4 days we're off on vacation for a week.

Skiing in Colorado, woot!

Most of all I'm looking forward to seeing [ profile] anachronaut and [ profile] nadya_lev, I've missed them terribly the past few months. So being able to spend a couple of days with them, and with [ profile] anachronaut's mother & boyfriend will be really nice.

Last weekend we went and bought the clothing gear we'll need. OMFG is it ever expensive to get ski clothing! And it's all the little things and undergarments and accessories that add up. Thankfully it's pretty much a one time investment and will last years. And having been skiing once (a whopping amount of times...) at least I know I like to do it. It'll be PreZ's first time, but I know he'll enjoy it too.

This is the jacket I got:

It's sleek and sexy and reminds me of something Uma Thurman would wear in Kill Bill. I saw it and was in love :D

We have our ski classes and lift passes and gear rental booked already. We do still need to organise daycare for Dashiell, which is something that's making me a tad nervous. Apparently it's right on the slopes so checking in on him (and letting him nurse) during lunch shouldn't be too difficult. It's just that he can be a bit difficult with feeding. There are times when he decides that you can shove the solids where the sun doesn't shine (like today, when he flat out refused to eat anything that didn't come out of a boob, and very reluctantly had some apple sauce this afternoon)... and I'm just hoping he doesn't do that while in the care of someone else.

And then of course there's the issue of napping... oh that will be such fun.

Oh well, baptism by fire I guess. Plus I'll have my phone, and they can always call.
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I've a long way to go, and much to catch up on in the regular chores side of things and other lapsed activities and projects... but I finally feel as though things are starting to come together a bit.

Dashiell has, amazingly enough, been on a much more regular diurnal sleeping pattern for the last couple of weeks, so I feel like I'm much more functional as a result, seeing as I need to be awake during the day specifically for certain things (his therapy for one), and being so without having been up all night due to a nocturnal pattern is much nicer.

We still need to work on improving the quality of his sleep, but just having him in a normal pattern has really helped me feel like I can get out of this slump (or depression really).

[gamer/geek]I've cut back on a few things with WoW too, haven't felt up to raiding every night anyway, and the pvp grind has been boring me to tears, so taking a little distance with that is nice. [/gamer/geek]

I also feel like I have a bit better of an idea of what I want to do with GOTH.NET so that's good too.

Now, I just need to start doing them. Little bits at a time.
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Hard to believe time has flown by so fast...

Happy 1st Birthday Dashiell!
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If I got a dollar for every time someone said "He's so cute!!!" when they saw Dashiell, we'd be very rich indeed by now.

The biggest earning day would have been Halloween, when he wore the little bear outfit in this user icon. People went ga-ga over the cute that day.

For Hire

Mar. 4th, 2006 07:15 pm
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For hire:

One (1) non-napping baby who thinks he's a spitting llama.

Potential uses:

- As birthcontrol
- To water your lawn, or mist your indoor plants


Free, as long as you keep him for a minimum of five (5) hours. Below that, rates are negotiable.
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I posted pictures of these with my intro over on [ profile] embodiment. My two journals. One I don't use particularly much as it's a dream journal... sometimes it's hard enough to remember what you dream as it is, but with Dashiell and the amount of fatigue I've felt over the past 6 months, well... writing about a dream I had as soon as I wake up doesn't really happen anymore... especially seeing as he usually has some kind of need that has to be met upon waking.

Snip )

The pen is my trusty Parker fountain pen. And the journal has Death from the Sandman on the cover... a nice irony I thought, Death on a journal about Life.

I had already been using that journal before the commencement of [ profile] embodiment, so it was almost half full I think. But I hadn't been journalling with any regularity for quite some time, so [ profile] embodiment is a good impetus to get into it again, on a daily basis, which hopefully I'll be able to sustain throughout the year.

I recently bought two new journals, one for myself which will be used once the Death journal is full, and another I bought to document Dashiell's life in, a tangible and more frequent version of the monthly newsletters that I post on my blog. I think that he'll like that when he's older. I just wish I'd thought of doing this earlier, rather than when he was 6 months old.

I'll post pictures of the new journals once I take them. They're gorgeous Paperblanks journals, the one for Dashiell having a Laurel Burch cover with horses.
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Yesterday evening I was in a Barnes and Noble for a while before heading off to a supermarket, to see what Paperblanks journals are like in the flesh*, and to browse around the magazine rack a bit. A woman came up to me who had seen me through the window as I was walking around with Dashiell in the mei tai carrier. She said she'd thought I was carrying a doll.

Now, this is kind of odd as an isolated incident, but it's not the first time. A few weeks ago at the mall I had it happen, and not long before that too.

While I like to think I don't look my age, I certainly don't look young enough to be carrying a doll around without looking like a right silly prat. Seriously, what adult woman would be carrying a life size baby doll around? In a store/mall? Worn on the body in a carrier?

* Someone on [ profile] embodiment was showing off their Paperblanks journal, and I fell in love. So I wanted to see what they were like in the flesh and what the sizing was like before I order online, as the local B&N's selection was abysmal, and there are no other stores catering to blank journals nearby.

The above doll story is also part of yesterday's [ profile] embodiment entry.


Nov. 8th, 2005 08:16 pm
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Snippet of MSN chat in response to an email PreZ sent yesterday telling me he'd gotten tickets to see Eddie Izzard this Friday:

[14:20] Lilith: so who's babysitting on friday?
[14:21] PreZ: dunno
[14:21] PreZ: hadn't thought about that
[14:21] Lilith: I figured :P

Yep, we're still adjusting to life with child...

So now we're on a mission to find a last minute babysitter for Friday. Any volounteers? Because this isn't really the solution we want either:

[14:23] PreZ: I wonder if they have a cloak room :P
[14:24] Lilith: yeah... right :P

EDIT: We have someone who'll babysit.


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