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Scott and Knoxville play Bo Duke and Luke Duke; the absence of a Puke Duke is a sadly missed opportunity.



Jul. 2nd, 2005 02:11 am
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Well, I guess that War of the Worlds really isn't all it's hyped up to be.

Roger Ebert only gives it 2 stars, which is the same his rating for Rebound, some cruddy looking basketball/redemption movie with Martin Lawrence.

The review itself is fairly painful.

Anyway, I guess we can find something else to do this holiday weekend then :P
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Oh let me count the ways...

From his "Answer Man" section on his site:

Q. I greatly enjoy your reviews and the thoughtful observations they contain. However, I get a little worried about the strength of your argument in your review of "Unleashed," when you make the case for women being able to stir a man's humanity by using Ann Coulter as your example. That is the same person who claimed women should bear arms but not be able to vote.  -- C. Perla, Miami

A. Wouldn't you sleep more soundly at night knowing Ann Coulter was in the Army and not in a voting booth?


For reference, this is what he said regarding Ann Coulter in his review of Unleashed:

His [Morgan Freeman's character's] stepdaughter Victoria is invaluable because, as Ann Coulter was explaining when she was so rudely shouted down the other day, women are a civilizing influence on men, who will get up to mischief in each other's company; Victoria's gentleness stirs Danny's humanity more than it inflames his lust.

And some people are just really weird:

Q. Is George Lucas a knowing Economic Terrorist? Lucas KNEW that by releasing the last "Star Wars" movie what effect it would have on the United States Economy. The movie was released on a working day. Lucas could have well waited to release his movie on Saturday or even Sunday. The effect was a $627 million loss in American Productivity.

The box-office take was $158.5 million. That leaves a $468.5 cost to the U.S. Economy. But that's not the end of the loss. Each day, Lucas is losing $1.5 million to pirates -- a capital cost to his investors of $6 million in four days and climbing. The loss could and should have been avoided by release on a Saturday or Sunday, and Simultaneous Distribution to Television, Sales and Rentals. The question becomes, would George Lucas really damage the economy to make a point of his hate for the Republican Party and President George Bush?  --  D.L. Graham, San Diego

A. And what happened to Padme's pants?

For the "relevance" to Ebert's answer, it's best off just to read the earlier Q&A's on that Answer Man page, here.

In regards to the economic terrorist thing... well, words just kind of fail, don't they? Like Lucas is the only person to ever release a movie on a workday... $deity forbid.


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