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So, I'm attempting the [ profile] 50bookchallenge this year. I found out about this mid-way last year, and didn't get as far as I would have liked, even if I had pro-rated the amount of books.

Mostly I'm just wanting to increase the amount of books I read this year. Lord knows the stacks of To Read books are getting to be bigger than I'd like.

And so maybe [ profile] 50bookchallenge will be to bookreading what [ profile] embodiment might be to paper journalling. Incentive. Kinda.

Anyway, 2 4 down, 48 46 to go.
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I posted pictures of these with my intro over on [ profile] embodiment. My two journals. One I don't use particularly much as it's a dream journal... sometimes it's hard enough to remember what you dream as it is, but with Dashiell and the amount of fatigue I've felt over the past 6 months, well... writing about a dream I had as soon as I wake up doesn't really happen anymore... especially seeing as he usually has some kind of need that has to be met upon waking.

Snip )

The pen is my trusty Parker fountain pen. And the journal has Death from the Sandman on the cover... a nice irony I thought, Death on a journal about Life.

I had already been using that journal before the commencement of [ profile] embodiment, so it was almost half full I think. But I hadn't been journalling with any regularity for quite some time, so [ profile] embodiment is a good impetus to get into it again, on a daily basis, which hopefully I'll be able to sustain throughout the year.

I recently bought two new journals, one for myself which will be used once the Death journal is full, and another I bought to document Dashiell's life in, a tangible and more frequent version of the monthly newsletters that I post on my blog. I think that he'll like that when he's older. I just wish I'd thought of doing this earlier, rather than when he was 6 months old.

I'll post pictures of the new journals once I take them. They're gorgeous Paperblanks journals, the one for Dashiell having a Laurel Burch cover with horses.
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Yesterday evening I was in a Barnes and Noble for a while before heading off to a supermarket, to see what Paperblanks journals are like in the flesh*, and to browse around the magazine rack a bit. A woman came up to me who had seen me through the window as I was walking around with Dashiell in the mei tai carrier. She said she'd thought I was carrying a doll.

Now, this is kind of odd as an isolated incident, but it's not the first time. A few weeks ago at the mall I had it happen, and not long before that too.

While I like to think I don't look my age, I certainly don't look young enough to be carrying a doll around without looking like a right silly prat. Seriously, what adult woman would be carrying a life size baby doll around? In a store/mall? Worn on the body in a carrier?

* Someone on [ profile] embodiment was showing off their Paperblanks journal, and I fell in love. So I wanted to see what they were like in the flesh and what the sizing was like before I order online, as the local B&N's selection was abysmal, and there are no other stores catering to blank journals nearby.

The above doll story is also part of yesterday's [ profile] embodiment entry.


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