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Happy New Year to everyone!

I have been a bad LJ person. I haven't kept up with anything the past 2 or so months, and obviously have not posted either. It is likely that such will be remedied shortly.

In the meantime, here are the kiddos:

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When Prez informed a former colleague of the birth of Matilda on IM the other day, he joked to said colleague that he could type her name as ~ (tilde) being that Tilda is one nickname for Matilda. Said colleague then pointed out that we already have a - (Dash) and that we are the ( ) (parens aka parentheses).


Funny, but completely accidental.

So our family is (-~) ?

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I still need to do lots of updating about our vacation and other things, but, first things first:

PreZ and I are expecting our second child in March, and Dashiell will be getting a sister. The baby is due around March 20th.

The test results from the amniocentesis came back today, and everything came back normal, and that's what we've been waiting on before making a public announcement. We also found out the gender this time. PreZ really wanted to know, and being that the amnio gives 100% certainty in that regard, rather than the "is that a wiener or a hamburger?" gazing at the fuzzy ultrasound picture, we opted to find out this time.

The amniocentesis, obviously, is so that we would know for certain whether or not this child will have any genetic issues. After Dashiell, we just wanted to know for sure, even though the chance of it happening again is extremely minimal. The amnio itself I had Friday just over a week ago, and wasn't actually near as bad as I had expected, thankfully.

Anyway, at this point I'm 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I'll be 20 weeks, and thus already half way through this pregnancy, on Wednesday. So far so good... I'm certainly glad to be well out of the first trimester with the all-day nausea, and I'm thankful that I was actually in the second trimester when the dates for our vacation rolled around. The tickets to Australia had already been booked before I got pregnant, but the timing ended up being very fortuitous in that way.


Home Again

Oct. 17th, 2007 01:47 am
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As of Sunday evening we are back in NY again.

We're still trying to recover from jet lag and time differences and settle into normal daytime routines again. It was easier on the way over to Australia than it seems to be coming back for some reason. The hardest thing mostly is getting Dashiell back to normal... he's not exactly of an age where you can explain that he needs to stay awake longer or go to sleep earlier in order to adapt his pattern back to normal for this time zone. Hopefully in the next day or two we'll get the hang of it again.

Tomorrow some frantic tidying and clearing away of suitcases and things because my brother arrives from Holland on Thursday to stay for just over 2 weeks. I'm really looking forward to that a lot. He'll be here for Halloween, which we don't have over in Europe, so hopefully that'll be fun for him. And hopefully it'll be more fun for us in our new home/town too than the last one.

Anyway, Dashiell is finally asleep, and so I'm just tempting fate by staying up and not sleeping while I can.
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My aunt's passing earlier this year, and the subsequent need to deal with her posessions put a few things into sharp relief for me. Besides having to deal with the vast extent of her packratting and hoarding, going through the unfinished projects was a sad business.

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I got an email from one of my aunts today... my cousin's wife had her baby yesterday, a boy, on Christmas. This rounds out their family with 2 girls and 2 boys. I know my cousin had been hoping for another boy, so Morris has a little brother called Sem now :)
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Christmas Eve 10pm was when we finally made it home. Woot! Still before Christmas and all that.

I think Kit's travel and computer gremlins are rubbing off on us. Between the blizzard in Colorado that meant we had 2 cancelled flights, an unscheduled roadtrip and a 4 day delay in returning home, PreZ's harddrive in his 7-month-old laptop died on him Saturday night amidst horrible grindy noises. Lenovo/IBM are sending him a new harddrive, and Nadya will be asking a friend of hers if he can help with data recovery from the current disk (because he apparantly did that for a job at some point). Most of his data is backed up in various places, but there is some code (from personal projects) that isn't all backed up that he'd like retrieved.

While in L.A. we got Nadya hooked up with a new bed, mattrass and work desk, so our stay there was productive too. Dashiell had fun speed-crawling after the 2 cats and 2 small dogs (one chihuahua and one small jack russell-ish looking dog), much to their dismay.

Sadly we didn't have an oppertunity to get together with [ profile] djbloodrose, but we had a lovely chat on the phone until her physical presence was required by her family.

It's strange being back in NY again, especially after spending time in various far flung states and with friends. Our extended stay out west means that some people's Christmas cards will be late, and we actually attended Christmas today with PreZ's family whilst bearing no gifts, because of the sudden lack of shopping days before the main event (and I hadn't really shopped online because I didn't want stuff delivered while we were away, and risk it being sent back).


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