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So, I highly recommend the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes I mentioned in my last post. They are fantastically delicious, and so moist!
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As I was browsing The Kitchn's site the other day, I came across this recipe, and the pictures were so appealing that I decided to try these this weekend. So, tonight I baked Cheddar and Leek Muffins.

I liked the idea of savory muffins versus sweet. So many baked goods are sweet, so having a savory option was nice. These will be nice for meal accompaniment or lunches, or if you don't want a sweet start to your morning.

Also, for breakfast this morning I made Blarney scones, from one of those Katie Reilly packages. I made it per the directions, but next time will portion the wet stuff, rather than tipping it all in at once, as it was so ridiculously wet and sticky that I ended up adding in probably about a cup of all purpose flour to be able to get it off my hands and to anything resembling kneading consistency, as required. I'm also used to Devonshire scones, which I make from scratch, and which aren't sweet, as these are.

So, the former, highly recommended. The latter, not so much.
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A recipe from Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn blog.

Originally I'd had grandiose plans of making this on Christmas Day, but it ended up being either New Year's Day or the day after that. It's pretty time-consuming, due mostly to the various periods in which the dough needs to rise. It IS however spectacularly delicious.

It keeps well, and when the recipe says that it can be made a day or two in advance, that's definitely the way to go if you have any plans on serving it in the morning without getting up at Oh-God-Thirty-Ayem to have it freshly done by the time people trot in for food.

I didn't use brandy to soak the cranberries in, but Grand Marnier, which was the only thing at hand at the time. It was delicious. Next time it'll likely be Cointreau, as I still have some of that left that has otherwise been employed to make things like Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cloud Cake.
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Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. Besides tidying the various remnants in the house that need tidying, I also need to do a big shop and a bunch of prep work for Dashiell's birthday/our housewarming party.

Because I'm a complete masochist, I'm going to bake and decorate Dash's cake myself. Complete with coloured fondant and all kinds of decorations. That said, I'm not so masochistic that I'm following the cake decorating magazine's descriptions to the letter and making it a 2 tier cake. I'll stick with a single tier. We're also not expecting that many people, so a 12" and 8" cake would be kind of ridiculous. So a single 9" cake it will be.

I'm also going to bake and decorate cupcakes.

And make fruit salad.

And... and...
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On an episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy earlier they were doing a weight loss challenge for a newly wed couple, because apparently newlyweds tend to chub up quite a bit once they hit the "comfortable" married zone.

When asked why they thought they were getting fatter, they pretty much answered with "I'm not sure". Mind you, they ate ice-cream nearly every night, and the guy was saying that usually he'd polish off half a Breyers tub in a single sitting. I think Breyers comes in 1/2 gallon tubs... and I think one tub was 14 servings, or so Carson was saying. Their dinners consisted of massive servings, and the woman ate her cereal not with 1% or 2% milk, or even whole... she had Half and Half* on it.

Who even eats cereal with Half and Half on it? The idea alone is enough to make me gag. The only time I've heard of something similarly ridiculous it was reading a post ages ago by someone who decided (F)Atkins was the stupidest thing she'd ever heard of after her brother had started eating his cereal with full cream, because cream had less carbs than milk, and he didn't seem to realise how completely ludicrous that was.

I guess I'm just baffled by the fact that these people seemed to be clueless as to where the faults in their diet lay. My diet is by no means perfect, but at least I know where my trouble spots are.

*"Half and Half" being half cream and half whole milk, for those of you for whom the term is new.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 03:13 pm
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So yesterday I made Hungarian goulash for dinner, per this recipe that was posted by [ profile] alasharia_la in her LJ a few weeks ago. Can't get more authentic than a recipe that actually comes from someone who is Hungarian.

Super easy, and tasty. We had ours with mashed potato. And there was enough that I could freeze two batches for dinner another time, always a bonus.

Tonight we'll have "Chickpeas Cooked in Tea" with "Delicious Chicken Bits" per my Madhur Jaffrey cookbook. The second recipe will be a new one for me to try, the first is already a favourite of mine.

And depending on how much other stuff I get done this afternoon, and if I have time, I might bake some pumpkin cookies. Mmmm...

The microwave just dinged to let me know that the milk is warm for our café au lait with the chicory coffee from Café du Monde in New Orleans. Delish!


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