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We're on the road again, in California now on I-15-S. We passed Barstow a short while ago. This laptop with wireless national broadband thing rocks... we're driving in the car and I can read and update LJ and other sites.

Arrival in Vegas yesterday evening went smoothly. Sadly the babysitting service I called told us that it'd take something like 2-2.5 hours for someone to arrive, and it was about 30 minutes before showtime. I told PreZ and Kit to go ahead and see it. PreZ and I saw it last year when we had our mini-meet, so I didn't feel like I was missing out too much. We'll be back again eventually I wager, and I will see it then!

Instead I had a bath with Dashiell in the gorgeous bathroom at the Aladdin. It was pretty swanky for a "regular" hotel room. Dashiell had fun splashing the water once he figured out what it was and that he could hit it really hard and spatter it all over the place. Then I got the valet to bring our car, and I grabbed some items and drinks from it, and I settled in to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on the hotel's pay-per-view. I almost watched Little Miss Sunshine, but I wanted to watch something a little silly that didn't require too much thought, lol. I'll get LMS on Netflix.

In the Aladdin they have something that they should have in more places... a 24 hour Starbucks. Most Starbucks seem to close way too early, 5-6pm or so, which is just crap. Granted, it's Vegas, where most things are 24 hour. They often call NYC the city that never sleeps, but that title has never rung that true to me. Far too much is closed in NYC in the evenings and nighttimes to call it the city that never sleeps. Vegas is much more deserving of the title.

We'll be swinging by the CalArts campus first so Kit can exchange clothes and pack for his trip to Nashville on Sunday, and then off to Nadya's place to hang out and buy a bed at Ikea and do laundry and maybe pick out more pictures from the photoshoot we did earlier this year. She sent me another picture a while ago which I don't think I've posted yet, I shall do so after this.
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We spent the weekend in Philadelphia which was a lot of fun. We crashed out at [ profile] nadya_lev's apartment and [ profile] anachronaut was of course also one of the party.

The weather was gorgeous both days. Nice and sunny and warm, lovely spring weather. We drove out there Saturday and arrived in the early afternoon. One of the first orders of business was a visit to the Mütter Museum, which was eerie and fascinating... and a lot smaller than I had expected. After that, we had crêpes for dinner... savoury first, then sweet. Yummy! After that we stopped by Passional to see if there were any outfits there that we could use for a second look for my photoshoot with Nadya on Sunday, sadly nothing really took our fancy, and that which did was way too small for me, and as such wasn't an option.

A large portion of the time spent at Nadya's apartment was devoted to the fruitless task of trying to find her cell phone, which had gone missing sometime after she'd talked to [ profile] prez and someone else, and which had also stopped ringing. So on and off during the day searches were mounted, and after many hours we found it. In the washing machine. After the wash cycle. Needless to say, slight panic ensued seeing as she has loads of contacts stored on it. We switched out the sim card into an old phone she had lying around only to find that all the contacts were stored in the phone itself, not on the sim card... so we had no choice but to let her phone dry overnight and hope against hope that it would still work the next day, at least long enough to get all the contacts off it.

After a late night run to Target, where we picked up munchies and various necessities and realised we were too late to go to the art/craft store, we went back to Nadya's place and watched two episodes of Coupling (UK) and the latest episode of Dr. Who while some of us ate ice cream (Häagen Dasz mmm...) and then crashed out in the wee hours.

We woke up way too early for our liking, but had to get a move on to do the chores we wanted to before heading to Nadya's studio for the photoshoot she and I were doing. Breakfast at Ihop which then made us late for everything else, because we spent much longer there than we thought. A quick dash to the craft store for some supplies for the shoot, and then off to meet Nadya's studio mate who was waiting for us to open the door, because Nadya's studio keys had also gone missing ("sadly" they weren't in the washing machine, and still AWOL).

Once inside, Danielle the make-up artist got to work on me, and Kit and PreZ entertained themselves and Dashiell, and Nadya ran around setting up the background and lights with occasional help from Kit. Then the first set was shot, after which Danielle changed my make-up for the second set. We ordered a pizza to nibble on, and then started to test and shoot the second set. We didn't have as much time for that one, but Nadya said she still got some good ones. We had to call it a day reasonably early, because PreZ, Dashiell and I still had a 2.5 hour drive home that night, and PreZ's wake-up call on Monday (and every weekday) is 6.30am.

Dashiell was great the whole time... he slept the entire drive from NY to Philly and most of the drive back, and was happy and good-natured throughout the weekend.

And now I look forward to seeing the results. It's like waiting for Christmas :D

Mass Update

Jan. 6th, 2006 01:13 am
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Of course I've left this all a little late, but oh well. It was the silly season after all.

We spent Christmas over at PreZ's aunt's house, as per usual. Dashiell made off with the best haul, of course. For the third year running we ended up with one of those bathproduct baskets, even though the ones from last year (we got 2 from them) haven't even been touched, and the one from the year before that is only partially used. The fact that we don't have a bath in the apartment doesn't make using those items any easier either.

I got one sweater with a reindeer on it. That had tinsel and ornaments in its antlers. Somebody shoot me now. PreZ got a plain black long-sleeved tshirt. Why couldn't I be that lucky? At least Dash got a $50 gift card for Gymboree, so I can live vicariously through him by buying him cute stuff.

Yeah, *thanks* Santa... (pic) )

What is the deal with festive holiday themed clothing anyway? Most of it, especially the Christmas stuff is hideous, it's not like a fun Halloween costume or anything, it's just a gaudy piece of clothing you wear once at most (and probably only to please whatever relative decided to torture you with it). This particular sweater will most certainly go unworn, and I doubt I could even unload it on Ebay. Oh, and she got it for me in XL. I'm kind of tall at 5'8", but I'm hardly wide enough to warrant XL.

Other than that it was good. We had gotten Alex a game for his PSP which he'd received in November for his birthday. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I ended up running down the battery on his PSP playing it that evening. Heh, oops. Not that he cared, he was playing with one of the other gazillion toys he'd received. I will say that the PSP has amazing graphics for something so small, but console games really don't do it for me. I like a little more depth to my gameplay than just left-right-up-down and A and B button type games.

Fast forward a week to New Year's Eve.

We went down to New Brunswick to meet up with [ profile] darkvervain, [ profile] vgnwtch, [ profile] anachronaut, [ profile] nadya_lev, [ profile] jezzylin and [ profile] littleweirdgrrl, as well as a bunch of [ profile] darkvervain and [ profile] vgnwtch's friends for Ethiopian food at Makeda's, which was outstanding as usual.

Dessert and the countdown to the New Year was back at [ profile] darkvervain and [ profile] vgnwtch's place. Having a large group of geeks of various stripes is always fun. Talk about computers, books, movies, photography, Firefly, Dr. Who, Laurell K. Hamilton... comparing cameras and learning new tips and tricks, playing around with the gothling, all whilst eating yummy foodstuffs and beverages.

We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to be able to catch up with [ profile] littleweirdgrrl who was visiting from California. Sadly I didn't get a chance to talk to [ profile] jezzylin who was seated elsewhere at the dinner table and had to leave right after dinner. Hopefully this weekend will change that :)


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