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And so I go to reinstall my computer.

See you on the flip side.
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So I was browsing Tea Swap, because that's where I got a recipe for Earl Grey cookies from which I'll be trying tonight or tomorrow for our gettogether, and I saw this: the teastick. It's a nifty version on the tea egg, or the tea spoon egg, something to put your loose tea leaves in and to hang into your cup.

Okay, the price leaves (badoom-tish) a little to be desired, but I guess it's haute design after all.
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Hollywood negotiated an agreement Tuesday with the creator of BitTorrent software, popular for downloading pirated movies over the Internet, in a deal aimed at reducing illegal traffic in online films.

The agreement requires 30-year-old software designer Bram Cohen to prevent his Web site,, from locating pirated versions of popular movies, effectively frustrating people who search for illegal copies of films, according to executives familiar with the deal.

Looks like Bittorrent might be headed the way of Napster?
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So I turned my favourite I Harth Darth comic into an animated icon.

Yes, I am a dork :P


Sep. 9th, 2005 08:32 am
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For those of you with Firefox, and with friends and/or family abroad in different timezones, I have to say I love this new Firefox extension, FoxClocks:

It allows you to put numerous clocks into your status bar so you can easily keep track of what time it is where.
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As a compliment to the carnivorous garden...

I do remember having seen it somewhere before, but lost the link, so thanks to [ profile] ladyattercop for giving me the link.
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I can't remember who it was, but someone on my FL recently wanted to get a Venus Flytrap, but then decided against it I believe.

That person needs this:
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Is it sad that I'm looking forward to September 6th because then they'll be releasing the complete first season of Fraggle Rock on dvd?
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Sometimes there are the annoying twits on IRC that just need to be taken down a couple of pegs... and it's nice when they make it so easy too.

[Shredder] I've been laid like... 24 times by 17 women
[Noeve] Again, who asked ?
[Lilith] guess you're not good enough for much repeat business then?
[Tunic] That's what I was thinking, Lil.
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This is mostly for [ profile] littleweirdgrrl and [ profile] darktor, seeing as it came up a couple of weeks ago when we got together for dinner, though it applies to anyone on my friends list who works on a freelance basis with their skills and/or artwork.

It's geared mostly towards the webdesign industry, as that's the field the person who wrote it is in, but it's applicable across the board.


Jun. 30th, 2005 01:31 pm
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Yes, the site is dead, including everything that runs on that box.

[ profile] prez is looking into it at the moment.

I have no idea what exactly is wrong with it, or when it'll be fixed. However, I get the feeling that you don't need to expect it to be soon.

Updates will be posted as they're forthcoming.
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The other parts for my computer upgrade arrived today, so tonight PreZ can finish doing that. That should hopefully stop Firefox crashing all the time, which has been happening a lot since I had some new parts installed already the other day, which don't like some of the older parts (hence needing more new parts which just arrived today).

Unfortunately, with the hardware upgrade will come a complete software reinstall, seeing as a new harddisk is part of the second half of the upgrade. Thankfully after installing the OS, PreZ will be rigging my old hdd's to the new one so I can just move stuff around, which will cut back on a lot of stuff, but it'll still be a tedious endeavour, as it always is.

But, after that, things will all be better again.
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PreZ upgraded the motherboard, CPU and RAM in my computer. And then found out that certain things I already had don't work so well with it. So now I have a new harddisk, power supply and videocard on order too.

It was interesting being told earlier in the week "oh, I'm upgrading your computer".. oh-kay. But he needs to upgrade a bunch of other systems too, so the parts from mine get cannibalised into those machines, and I get a much faster computer. It'll be the first real upgrade in about 3 years, additional RAM and various hardware snafus from a year or two back notwithstanding.

With the various parts already arriving, as well as other non-computer orders we've been placing lately, the computer room is total chaos. Boxes and packing material everywhere. Every time you think you're getting the place organised, there's new stuff accumulating. I think it breeds like rabbits when we're not looking, it's the only explanation I can think of.

Life with a geek ;)


May. 12th, 2005 05:40 pm
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PMs from the forum such as "The webmail has been down all week, what's going on?"


If you noticed it was down for more than a few hours or so, wouldn't you contact people a little sooner? It's not like the webmail is a function either PreZ or I use, so it's not like we know this stuff until someone points it out.

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Today I went to our P.O. box for the first time in ages. I thought I'd been there in February or so, but apparantly not... I'd go more often if the post office actually had decent damn hours. Why is it they have the most ridiculous business hours? Couldn't they at least install one day a week where things are open later?

Our box had one of those "you need to pick up mail at the counter" slips in it, and when I gave it to the woman behind the counter along with the box number, she went "oh, that's yours?!"... ominous words ;) She then proceeded to hand me two plastic bags full of mail, and told me with a smile that I should visit them more often.

Not quite mail though, most of it is the weekly local ad newspaper, and just loads of flyers. Some of the circulars dated back to before Christmas. Eek. There was a batch of mail for people whose box it no longer is, or never was. The only things I kept were the 3 or so items addressed to, and the menus for the Indian place in Valhalla that we took [ profile] darkvervain to a couple weeks ago, as well as the menu for a local Chinese/Japanese place that's close-by. It'll be good to have another Chinese/Japanese place we can go to or order from seeing as the other local one is on our no-no list after a cockroach incident when we took [ profile] darktor to dinner there... the incident was months ago, and we haven't had Chinese/Japanese take-out since, nor have we set foot in that place.

One other advertising circular I brought home was one from Verizon, which I thought might be of interest to [ profile] prez, and I was right. As it turns out, this month Verizon is installing Fiberoptic highspeed internet in our area. So PreZ immediately set up an appointment for them to come install that. Sometime on May 26th ("between 8am and 5pm"... grr! dontcha love it when they narrow it down?), we should be getting someone out here to set that all up. The only downside of it is that it doesn't come with a block of IP addresses, which was one thing he had (extra) with the small business DSL that we have here right now. But the much higher speed is worth it (15mbps down, 2mbps up). It's also a lot cheaper than the small business DSL+IPs, and we'll actually shave a nice amount off our internet bill.

PreZ also went on Verizon's site and tweaked our phone plan. Now we'll get more services and save a couple of bucks a month compared to the old plan. I'm still not sure exactly how that works and how Verizon's making money off that, but there you go. We're paying less, so I'm not complaining.


Apr. 8th, 2005 12:49 am
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You know you're really ready for Spring to start when you feel seasonally depressed playing the Hilltop segment of the Neverwinter Nights expansion Shadows of Undrentide, because it takes place in a frozen Siberia-like landscape.

Though currently I've moved on beyond there into a desert area, which is nicer, though some green and vegetation (or green vegetation) would be good.

Yes, Neverwinter Nights has been occupying a lot of my time, can you tell? :P
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Sunday afternoon will mean a couple of hours at the karate dojo as PreZ goes to grade for his yellow belt. I'll be there as moral support, though I'm already not looking forward to needing to get up in about 7 hours.

Neverwinter Nights has its claws in PreZ, hence he's still awake :P

That said, I only stopped playing the Sims 2: University about an hour ago...
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[Pameleah_] scottish peole are certanly different lokk at trainspotting.... rentons friends wernt exactly normal eh?

Ignoring the atrocious spelling here for a moment, if you can bear to... who in their right fucking mind watches (or reads, though I doubt little miss brainiac is even aware it's a novel in the first place) Trainspotting and thinks it's an accurate representation of the average person, let alone Scotsman?!

There are frequent days in that particular IRC channel when you can all but feel your braincells atrophy.


Mar. 9th, 2005 02:11 pm
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For those of you who had the Foxtrot RSS feed on your LJ, which died a couple of weeks ago... there's another one up here: [ profile] comic_foxtrot


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