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Just a note for those of you reading who frequent the GN forum.

We'll be switching the software from Ikonboard to phpBB soon, as soon as today or tomorrow, once it's themed etc.

The current software isn't really being maintained or supported anymore, and phpBB has a much more active developers community.

No information or posts will be lost, we'll be migrating it all (after all these years I'd hate to have to start again, let me tell you).

Edit: As of Sunday afternoon 1pm EST, the forums are down while data is being transferred and the new software put in place.
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I've a long way to go, and much to catch up on in the regular chores side of things and other lapsed activities and projects... but I finally feel as though things are starting to come together a bit.

Dashiell has, amazingly enough, been on a much more regular diurnal sleeping pattern for the last couple of weeks, so I feel like I'm much more functional as a result, seeing as I need to be awake during the day specifically for certain things (his therapy for one), and being so without having been up all night due to a nocturnal pattern is much nicer.

We still need to work on improving the quality of his sleep, but just having him in a normal pattern has really helped me feel like I can get out of this slump (or depression really).

[gamer/geek]I've cut back on a few things with WoW too, haven't felt up to raiding every night anyway, and the pvp grind has been boring me to tears, so taking a little distance with that is nice. [/gamer/geek]

I also feel like I have a bit better of an idea of what I want to do with GOTH.NET so that's good too.

Now, I just need to start doing them. Little bits at a time.
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I occasionally get some really weird emails to my webmistress alterego.

Case in point:

I am the owner of the domain name and I am writing to inform you that the domain name is currently for sale on Ebay. Given the nature of your website / organization I thought that you might be interested in acquiring the domain name for your uses. I am sending this letter to multiple Christian organizations as well as Non-Christian organizations who may have an interest in designing a website using this domain name. Please find the link to the Ebay listing at the end of this email.

There has been so much controversy surrounding Jesus that you can't help but wonder who is right. With books like the DaVinci Code becoming such a hit, it's spawned a craze amongst Christians and Critics alike. Everyone is in on the action and it's a no-holds-barred battle for the truth.

Now you have the chance to voice your beliefs by purchasing one of the hottest Jesus/Religious domains available on the market today. Which side are you on? Will you use the domain to inform fellow Christians about the life of Jesus Christ and persuade non-believers to find redemption? Will you play the part of the Critic and stray from the mainstream beliefs in an effort to reveal the untold story of Jesus? Or will you create a neutral place where all sides can gather to debate the many controversies surrounding the most famous person in history? You make the final decision.

The possible uses for this domain are endless.

Informative Christian site to dispel the myths about Jesus Christ.
Christian youth social network. X appeals to youth.
Blog from the perspective of Jesus.
Forum to discuss the controversy surrounding Jesus.
A gathering place for non-believers.
Great name for a book, promotional site.

I don't know what crack this guy is smoking, but I personally fail to see how we from Goth.Net would be interested in Sure, there are christian goths, but it's not like we're particularly entangled groups. It certainly isn't the most intuitive pairing.

In regards to the potential uses, I understand using the domain for religious purposes, that makes perfect logical sense... but for non-believers? Oh-kay then.

I'm kind of weirded out by the "Blog from the perspective of Jesus" use. I'm not religious, but that strikes me as tacky and/or somewhat blasphemous. At the bare minimum it's extremely arrogant and presumptuous to claim to be blogging from his perspective.

The "X appeals to youth" part just made me laugh. It just seems like a lame effort at trying to be cool and appealing to the hipster kids.
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It's quite amazing to see some people have a very tenuous grasp on language and meaning.

Case in point:

I received an email to my Goth.Net webmistress alter-ego asking for a link exchange. Which is fine, that happens a lot seeing as it's a pretty popular site. I really have to wonder whether people actually bother to read any site content before sending out spam an email.

(Spelling mistakes are theirs, not mine)


I ljust ooked overyour website - - and I really liked the content.

I own a site that provides Computer Networking in Austin- [URL HERE]. Our sites are related to but are not competitive with each other. So, I would like to propose a link exchange partnership with your site.


Please use the following information for the link:

Title: Austin Colocation Provider: Austin Colocation, Austin Server Colocation, Austin Colocation Facility
Description: Austin Colocation Provider: Austin Colocation, Austin Colocation Facility for dedicated server, Austin colocation services, Austin colocation hosting, Austin colocation service provider, Austin colocation.

Keyword overkill in the description notwithstanding, I really don't see what a goth resource/community page has to do with co-location services. The only thing "relating" our sites is the fact that they're both on the world wide web.

Some people...

GN Forums

Feb. 20th, 2006 10:23 am
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The GN Forums are down right now. PreZ is installing the latest version, and sadly a lot of the old skins don't work with the new board, so that needs tweaking as well as a bunch of database things, as they changed a lot.

I'll post when it's all back up and working again. Hopefully it won't be too long, but it's likely it'll be at least a couple of hours.

EDIT: The Forums are back up, but there are some things that might still need tweaking. Please let me know if you notice something major that needs looking at.


Nov. 20th, 2005 04:11 am
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Goth.Net should be working properly now. All mail that was sent to any GN accounts in the last day will most likely be delivered within the next few hours, depending on how fast the originating mail servers retry delivery.

The forum is also live again, and the sanctuary IRC server should no longer be suffering from netsplits.


Nov. 18th, 2005 10:39 pm
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PreZ is working on GN right now. It seems that there's an issue getting the machine back up again, so he's on the phone with the co-location place to get things sorted out.

Hopefully it'll be back up ASAP.

In other news, I have a new icon, squee! And now I need to theme my LJ page accordingly, when time and Dash (which are the same thing in many cases) allow.

I'm really going to enjoy filling up all the user icons that come with the shiny paid account :D
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Anything on Goth.Net that runs on databases is down for a while, which for most people will mean the forums are down. People with webspace might notice that their home directories are inaccessible. Email also will be down, anything sent to your GN email address during the downtime will be delayed.

This is because PreZ is upgrading the database software. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long.

EDIT: It's back up.


Jun. 30th, 2005 01:31 pm
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Yes, the site is dead, including everything that runs on that box.

[ profile] prez is looking into it at the moment.

I have no idea what exactly is wrong with it, or when it'll be fixed. However, I get the feeling that you don't need to expect it to be soon.

Updates will be posted as they're forthcoming.
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Funnily enough [ profile] silverthoughts complained about people sending emails about wanting links placed on her site that she didn't want, though at least those were somewhat related to the topic of her site, but the method in which she was contacted was just pure spam.

So going through some email, I noticed this:

How about adding [company name] to your list. I found they have some of the
best prices on anime online.
here's the link: [snip]

Yeah, because our list of GOTHIC links and resources need the addition of a site for anime purchases...

I realise there's plenty of goths that like anime, and plenty that really don't care about it (much like the general population really), either way it's hardly the kind of resource that I feel we need to be pimping.


May. 12th, 2005 05:40 pm
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PMs from the forum such as "The webmail has been down all week, what's going on?"


If you noticed it was down for more than a few hours or so, wouldn't you contact people a little sooner? It's not like the webmail is a function either PreZ or I use, so it's not like we know this stuff until someone points it out.



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