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May. 1st, 2009 08:12 am
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<Grey_Loki> I got 69% after 70 tries - my main problems were recognising perfect 4ths and minor 6ths
<khenes> I can't get any
<khenes> shouldn't be surprised...I'm a punk bassist :P
<Grey_Loki> 'Durrrr.....harmony? Consonance?'
<Grey_Loki> :D
<khenes> haha
<khenes> I'll just play these three notes kinda fast, okay guys?
Grey_Loki laughs
<khenes> meanwhile the vocalist is trying to figure out which end of the mic to sing in and the guitarist is currently ODing in the alley behind the venue
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The weird things that I sometimes find in my private message window on IRC:

[Goth643] hi i was wondering if you could tell me how to lift things up without touching them i would really like to know. can you help? thanks!!
[Goth643] i would really like to know about this. any help i would really appreciate it you know thanks for all your inputs about it!!
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Sometimes there are the annoying twits on IRC that just need to be taken down a couple of pegs... and it's nice when they make it so easy too.

[Shredder] I've been laid like... 24 times by 17 women
[Noeve] Again, who asked ?
[Lilith] guess you're not good enough for much repeat business then?
[Tunic] That's what I was thinking, Lil.
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[Pameleah_] scottish peole are certanly different lokk at trainspotting.... rentons friends wernt exactly normal eh?

Ignoring the atrocious spelling here for a moment, if you can bear to... who in their right fucking mind watches (or reads, though I doubt little miss brainiac is even aware it's a novel in the first place) Trainspotting and thinks it's an accurate representation of the average person, let alone Scotsman?!

There are frequent days in that particular IRC channel when you can all but feel your braincells atrophy.
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[TriviaBot] ===== Question 875/2306 =====
[TriviaBot] Who is the Greek god of archery ?
[TriviaBot] Hint: ------
[Shadow] artemis
[Headstar] arthos
[DarkBlood] hmm
[TriviaBot] ===== Question 875/2306 (Hint 1/5) =====
[TriviaBot] Hint: a-----
[RaitaSusi] athena
[Headstar] archos
[RaitaSusi] apollo
[TriviaBot] You got it RaitaSusi! The answer was apollo. You got it in 36.43 seconds.
[TriviaBot] RaitaSusi now has 232 points and is ranked 1st of 16.
[DarkBlood] athiest
[DarkBlood] :P
[Lilith] yeah... atheist is the name of a god... no irony there at all
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[17:51:06] broken hheartedx: ur gay
[17:51:20] Varencienne: seeing as I'm pregnant, not likely
[17:51:53] broken hheartedx: ok.... i thought you were a guy srry ur screy adn a fake goth
[17:52:22] Varencienne: and you're an illiterate dweeb who harrasses people online...
[17:52:56] broken hheartedx: is that english?
[17:53:12] Varencienne: yes, unlike that garbled mess you typed earlier
[17:53:12] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

[17:54:58] broken hheartedx: are you sure ur not a guy?
[17:55:15] Varencienne: vagina, 2 tits, and a baby... nope
[17:55:26] broken hheartedx: or are you lieing
[17:56:43] Varencienne: if you had more than 2 braincells to rub together, and considering the few places where you could have gotten my AIM id from, you could quite easily verify whether or not I am
[17:56:53] Varencienne: unfortunately, you don't have 2 braincells, let alone more
[17:57:15] Varencienne: now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go do something interesting, like watch mold grow outside
[17:57:19] broken hheartedx: r u a geek?
[17:57:19] *** User has been blocked


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