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Christmas Eve 10pm was when we finally made it home. Woot! Still before Christmas and all that.

I think Kit's travel and computer gremlins are rubbing off on us. Between the blizzard in Colorado that meant we had 2 cancelled flights, an unscheduled roadtrip and a 4 day delay in returning home, PreZ's harddrive in his 7-month-old laptop died on him Saturday night amidst horrible grindy noises. Lenovo/IBM are sending him a new harddrive, and Nadya will be asking a friend of hers if he can help with data recovery from the current disk (because he apparantly did that for a job at some point). Most of his data is backed up in various places, but there is some code (from personal projects) that isn't all backed up that he'd like retrieved.

While in L.A. we got Nadya hooked up with a new bed, mattrass and work desk, so our stay there was productive too. Dashiell had fun speed-crawling after the 2 cats and 2 small dogs (one chihuahua and one small jack russell-ish looking dog), much to their dismay.

Sadly we didn't have an oppertunity to get together with [ profile] djbloodrose, but we had a lovely chat on the phone until her physical presence was required by her family.

It's strange being back in NY again, especially after spending time in various far flung states and with friends. Our extended stay out west means that some people's Christmas cards will be late, and we actually attended Christmas today with PreZ's family whilst bearing no gifts, because of the sudden lack of shopping days before the main event (and I hadn't really shopped online because I didn't want stuff delivered while we were away, and risk it being sent back).
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We're on the road again, in California now on I-15-S. We passed Barstow a short while ago. This laptop with wireless national broadband thing rocks... we're driving in the car and I can read and update LJ and other sites.

Arrival in Vegas yesterday evening went smoothly. Sadly the babysitting service I called told us that it'd take something like 2-2.5 hours for someone to arrive, and it was about 30 minutes before showtime. I told PreZ and Kit to go ahead and see it. PreZ and I saw it last year when we had our mini-meet, so I didn't feel like I was missing out too much. We'll be back again eventually I wager, and I will see it then!

Instead I had a bath with Dashiell in the gorgeous bathroom at the Aladdin. It was pretty swanky for a "regular" hotel room. Dashiell had fun splashing the water once he figured out what it was and that he could hit it really hard and spatter it all over the place. Then I got the valet to bring our car, and I grabbed some items and drinks from it, and I settled in to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on the hotel's pay-per-view. I almost watched Little Miss Sunshine, but I wanted to watch something a little silly that didn't require too much thought, lol. I'll get LMS on Netflix.

In the Aladdin they have something that they should have in more places... a 24 hour Starbucks. Most Starbucks seem to close way too early, 5-6pm or so, which is just crap. Granted, it's Vegas, where most things are 24 hour. They often call NYC the city that never sleeps, but that title has never rung that true to me. Far too much is closed in NYC in the evenings and nighttimes to call it the city that never sleeps. Vegas is much more deserving of the title.

We'll be swinging by the CalArts campus first so Kit can exchange clothes and pack for his trip to Nashville on Sunday, and then off to Nadya's place to hang out and buy a bed at Ikea and do laundry and maybe pick out more pictures from the photoshoot we did earlier this year. She sent me another picture a while ago which I don't think I've posted yet, I shall do so after this.


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