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Seeing as the rook won the vote by 7 to 5 or so at the time I left to go to the city, that's what I got pierced.

Here's a picture of my week-old rook:

So far I have to say it's been pretty good going... there was a day or two last week where it got a little swollen and tender, and I remember my industrial (other ear) doing that too in the first week or so, so I wasn't worried. Other than that it's been behaving perfectly.

I think the best thing about this piercing is that because it's nestled within the folds of cartilage, it's not susceptible to the knocking, catching and pulling that the industrial and other helix piercings are prone to... and lord knows having hair catch on that or accidental knocking was agony, as well as a frequent occurance.

Props to Tyler at NY Adorned, and to [ profile] pj_41 who came along and held Dashiell while I had a needle stuck in me (seriously people, it's not the needles you have to worry about, it's when they put in the receiving tube and fiddle around putting in and closing the jewelry).

Oh, and on the day we were in NY heading to the Devachan salon, we walked past Voltaire, who was looking very spiffy in various pinstripes, and his son.

Tick Tock

May. 12th, 2006 02:56 am
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Only a couple more hours left to vote in the poll, and then after 11.30am EST I'm off to NYC and to get whichever one comes out ahead, as well as meeting PreZ for lunch and hitting up the Fluevog store.
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[Poll #726606]

Eventually I'll get both, but it's just a question of which one first.

New Holes

Apr. 29th, 2003 11:31 pm
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Whoo... new holes! A second set of lobe holes, nothing too flash, but I'm happy with them anyway. My hopes for ever having a septum piercing were dashed though... I'd already feared this would be the case, but I asked my piercer when I was getting my lobes done. I have a slightly deviated septum, the actual cartilage bends off to one side slightly, and the skin doesn't match up completely with the cartilage either, so that piercing is completely out of the picture. A shame as I do really love the look of septum piercings, but I don't need people looking at me oddly because I have one that's off-center or angled strangely. *sigh*.

Getting into the city this morning was a bit of a trial... train was late due to track repairs, then there weren't any subway trains at Grand Central for some mysterious reason. They had cordoned off the area and were saying there was no service, and there were a bunch of firemen down there... so because I wasn't late enough already, I got to walk to Port Authority to meet up with Kit who had had a portfolio showing earlier that morning.

Walked around for a while checking for some lining fabrics and then went to pick PreZ up at work to go for lunch. Had lunch, chatted, left Kit's portfolio for safekeeping and we went to pick up the corset busk and flat steels at Greenburg and Hammer. Then down to the Lower East Side for my new piercings (thanks Tyler @ NY Adorned!). After that we headed back to the Fashion district in search of the perfect jacket lining fabric for Kit's new jacket... eventually he settled for a silver/gunmetal colour with a kind of bronzish shimmer to it, very nice.

Back uptown to pick PreZ up from work, and Home James!

Weird moment of the day: Some guy outside of Port Authority who started singing the Fruitopia jingle when he saw me drinking from a bottle of Strawberry-Passionfruit Fruitopia.

Tomorrow the apartment needs some serious Tender Loving Care, it's been very neglected recently, and being away all weekend didn't help. Also sometime in the afternoon it's off to NJ for a corsetmaking session with Kit tomorrow evening, a kind of catch-up session because we missed the past two Fridays.
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So I am now the proud owner of a brand new piercing, an industrial.
Industrial Procedure )

Pictures of a 3.5 hour old industrial:


The blue stripes/dots are from the placement markings. There's some yellow on the top of my ear from the iodine I believe, and some dried blood trapped behind the bar in the second picture. I haven't yet cleaned it since I got it, so this is 'as-is'.


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