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Please welcome Matilda Anais (supposed to have 2 dots on the i, but PreZ's laptop won't let me do it the way I know how).

Born March 25th at home in the pool at 3.54pm as a surprise breech birth! She decided that coming head first was too mundane, and so she came butt first instead, to everybody's surprise.

8lbs 1/2oz and 19.5 inches tall.

Other than her surprise presentation (being that she's been head down for weeks, even for an internal exam), labour was pretty fast once I got past yesterday's pro-dromal and early labour. Pushing itself was a 10-15 minute affair which occurred much sooner than I had anticipated.

Anyway, needless to say we are thrilled, and also tired and sore.

Thanks to all who wished me well in the earlier stages! :)
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I still need to do lots of updating about our vacation and other things, but, first things first:

PreZ and I are expecting our second child in March, and Dashiell will be getting a sister. The baby is due around March 20th.

The test results from the amniocentesis came back today, and everything came back normal, and that's what we've been waiting on before making a public announcement. We also found out the gender this time. PreZ really wanted to know, and being that the amnio gives 100% certainty in that regard, rather than the "is that a wiener or a hamburger?" gazing at the fuzzy ultrasound picture, we opted to find out this time.

The amniocentesis, obviously, is so that we would know for certain whether or not this child will have any genetic issues. After Dashiell, we just wanted to know for sure, even though the chance of it happening again is extremely minimal. The amnio itself I had Friday just over a week ago, and wasn't actually near as bad as I had expected, thankfully.

Anyway, at this point I'm 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I'll be 20 weeks, and thus already half way through this pregnancy, on Wednesday. So far so good... I'm certainly glad to be well out of the first trimester with the all-day nausea, and I'm thankful that I was actually in the second trimester when the dates for our vacation rolled around. The tickets to Australia had already been booked before I got pregnant, but the timing ended up being very fortuitous in that way.



Jan. 31st, 2005 02:22 pm
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Pregnant stupids aka pregnant brain is bad enough, but with a stuffy nose that leaves my head full of snot, is there even room left for anything else?


Jan. 29th, 2005 12:49 pm
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Your Boobies' Names Are: Dessert and Dinner

This was using my LJ name. But it was the most apropos considering what'll happen in a few months ;)
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Went to Harlem for the first time yesterday. Usually there's nothing that actually takes me there, except the Metro-North training passing through the Harlem-125th street station, so it's just not somewhere I'd ever been before. However this time I had a medical appointment there, so off PreZ and I trekked.

Definitely interesting, especially all the little food joints. Usually when in the lower areas of Manhattan it's sandwich bars and pizza joints tucked into small hole-in-the-wall places, in Harlem the food was more exotic, for obvious reasons. We walked past some joint called the Tropical Grill, which looked like a variation on the sandwich bar theme, but smelled incredible. However as we were going to head out for lunch after my appointment we refrained from succumbing to the wonderful smells of soul food and bbq.

Drawing Blood )

After the appointment we walked back to the 125th street station, past more unusual food joints... fast food places called Nate's Papaya Hot Dogs and such. I'm still trying to figure out how papaya and hot dogs go together, but there you go. I could have done with some of those tropical fruit drinks they sell in some of the food joints, it all sounded yummy.

Lunch however was an Irish pub 2 blocks from where PreZ works in midtown. He'd come home a few weeks ago raving about their Shepard's Pie, and he was jonesing to try their Meatloaf, though that turned out to be a Thursday-only special, so he'll have to go back for that. Instead we both got fish and chips, and it was the best fish and chips I've had in longer than I can remember. With real malt vinegar for the chips. The fish was perfect... crisp crunchy batter, and soft succulent melt-in-your-mouth flaky fish. Yum. I'll never be able to order fish and chips at Applebees again. I mean, I know Applebees is average mediocre food at best, who dropped severely in my esteem a couple weeks ago when I had their grilled salmon, which was an overcooked pink rubber puck that I could have bounced off the wall. Their fish and chips can hold no candle to what we had yesterday, and I'll resent myself for ever having it after having had the perfect fish and chips.

I did have excellently cooked salmon when we ate at the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday, which we finally tried out after I'd seen Devon rave about it on her lj so many times ;) Salmon that was soft, flaky and perfect. The cheesecake was also bliss... lemon raspberry cream for me, swiss almond toblerone for PreZ. Gorgeous. That visit topped off our Christmas shopping spree, which was relatively painless. We now have gifts for the family we'll be having Christmas with. Whee.

As for the Irish pub, I'll have to meet up with PreZ for lunch on different days just to try some of their other weekly specials... Yankee Pot Roast on Wednesdays, Meatloaf on Thursdays, and Fridays Fish sounded good too. And then there was a bunch of other stuff on their regular menu that looked really good.

On other food notes, Saturday meant that we had our little tea party, and Tom and Karen came equipped with scones, a delicious coffee cake, and the thing they know will make me happy most of all... samosas from their local Indian shop. And they brought LOTS of samosas. I was a very happy girly indeed. A very happy girly that scarfed about 4 or 5 of the samosas. I need to find a local Indian place that sells them too *sigh*.


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