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So, we finally have Dashiell in something resembling a normal sleeping pattern (third night in a row where he's gone to bed somewhere between 8-9pm and slept til 5-6am, for him a *huge* deal), and then Matilda just gets worse and worse. She just pulled an all-nighter, pretty much. Well she had one or two of those <10 minute micro naps, which amped her up completely, but obviously doesn't do much for me beyond make me extremely frustrated.

I just canceled and rescheduled the tour of the school that I was going to go visit later, because I honestly don't think it's going to be a good idea to get in the car in an hour and drive around after not having slept yet, and having slept poorly yesterday.

Currently she's calmer, as I put her in her seat in front of the tv for a few minutes, so she's watching PBS/Sprout. It seems to be distracting her, which is good, because she was bouncing off the walls not 5 minutes earlier and driving me to the point of wanting to scream.

If I'm really lucky, she'll pass out within the next 5-10 minutes. *sigh*
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So [ profile] prez is in a rut. I know how he feels. We're like the rut family right now.

Except for Dashiell, because being in a rut would be too much like a schedule, and $deity knows that he doesn't do schedules (which is why I'm starting the day bright and early at 4.30am) *headdesk*.
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I've a long way to go, and much to catch up on in the regular chores side of things and other lapsed activities and projects... but I finally feel as though things are starting to come together a bit.

Dashiell has, amazingly enough, been on a much more regular diurnal sleeping pattern for the last couple of weeks, so I feel like I'm much more functional as a result, seeing as I need to be awake during the day specifically for certain things (his therapy for one), and being so without having been up all night due to a nocturnal pattern is much nicer.

We still need to work on improving the quality of his sleep, but just having him in a normal pattern has really helped me feel like I can get out of this slump (or depression really).

[gamer/geek]I've cut back on a few things with WoW too, haven't felt up to raiding every night anyway, and the pvp grind has been boring me to tears, so taking a little distance with that is nice. [/gamer/geek]

I also feel like I have a bit better of an idea of what I want to do with GOTH.NET so that's good too.

Now, I just need to start doing them. Little bits at a time.


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