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Apr. 1st, 2007 06:41 pm
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PreZ and I caught some random episodes of this BBC sit-com on PBS and while we were in Holland, and were happy to find out that they've started releasing it on dvd. Only the first 2 seasons are availible on dvd in the US though, and courtesy of Netflix we've been watching them.

The clip is one from an episode in the first season, after mum Susan (the excellent Zoƫ Wanamaker) has decided they should have a burglar alarm installed. It's been going off several times most nights, to the chagrin of husband Ben and the kids. Hilarity ensues, of course.

The eldest son Nick in the series is played by the guy who played dorky Colin in Love Actually.

So, enjoy the clip, and besides that, I really recommend sniffing out the series via Netflix or wherever, it's very funny :)
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Santino didn't win Project Runway.

Okay, up until last week's episode I didn't care much for his personality during the show, though quite a few of his designs were very nice and he has some undeniable talent.

Going by last week's episode his seemed to be the collection that was going to be the most interesting, with Daniel having construction issues, and Chloe's preview poufy pink puff dress which didn't tickle my fancy. I still thought his collection was the better one. Sadly the judges didn't agree.

I think he might have shot himself in the foot a bit by being so incredibly out there with many of his designs for the challenges during the show, and then doing a much more sophisticated, and for him toned down, collection.

Granted, Chloe's dresses did have really interesting seams etc. which was nice to look at.

Oh well. Even if he didn't win the show, I'm sure that oppertunities await regardless.
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If we ever needed more proof that reality tv exists solely to humiliate people for ratings, then the dvd of the Worst Moments from American Idol is it.

I'm sure it's entertaining to some degree to watch people caterwaul and painfully mangle songs we know and might love, but you have to feel sorry for the poor schmucks too.

I'm also not sure that I could stomach an entire dvd full of that kind of stuff to be honest. Plus if I want to watch painful "singing" there's that stupid "But Can They Sing?" show on one of the channels, where they get random celebrities to sing, very badly. PreZ and I heard about 5 minutes of that show Sunday evening as we were bathing Dashiell, and whatever we'd been watching had ended and that was the next show on. Absolutely terrible.

Do people not realise that they can't sing at all? I'm not talking about mildly off-key here, but seriously horrible screeching. Or is the lure of some more limelight enough that people really will debase themselves as much as they can just to catch some of the radiant beams? I guess it is, because it's the only thing that explains quite a few of those "eat this really gross thing we dug up, without barfing" shows, and the fact that people line up around the block to be interviewed to participate.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 05:14 pm
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There are a couple of shows on channels like TLC that I like to watch that involve home renovation etc. Part of me just can't wait until we own our own place and we can do whatever the hell we want with it.

One of the shows is called Property Ladder. In this show they follow someone who is going to "flip" a property. What this means is that the person has bought a house, and with a set renovation budget and a deadline of a couple of weeks, will renovate the house and try to sell it at a profit of several tens of thousands of dollars, and hopefully for 100K or more in profit.

I've watched two full episodes so far, and both have been cases worthy of [ profile] mock_the_stupid. First time "flippers" who obviously didn't do their homework. One bought a house and then lived to regret the fact that she hadn't had it checked out by a building inspector, because the entire wall behind the kitchen sink was rotten and needed replacing. The other also lived to regret that decision too, as her home from the 1940s apparantly still had wiring and plumbing worthy of that era, which had rotted through and needed replacing, and also meant that there was a gas leak somewhere in the wall as well. Which they realised after they'd remodeled most of the kitchen and installed new cabinetry and backsplashes etc. Then they also suffer from trying to impose their own style on the house, rather than a style which makes it optimal for selling. Neither had DIY experience, which also didn't help, and both decided to piss off and go on a 1 week vacation mid-way through the renovation, leaving the contractors to putter around at will. Not smart... you need to keep on top of these things. The first woman also had a great habit of not arriving on site until noon or so.

Usually there's an expert who's been flipping houses for over a decade, who is also the host for the show. At the beginning of the project she meets with the homeowner and asks them what their plans are, their budget and their timeline, and she gives them pointers about what are and aren't good ideas. Of course aforementioned people ignored several of the pointers that she gave, and lived to regret it. The expert also checks up on them periodically during the project.

The thing that struck me about the most recent case was that this woman had randomly selected a renovation budget of $50,000 (for a property she'd bought for $750K and wanted to flip for $980K) but she hadn't actually sat down to think about what things cost and what the things she wanted to do cost. And if you've ever looked at the price of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and tiles, you'll realise that things are pricey, and it all adds up really fast. Her timeline wasn't too unreasonable, 4 weeks. These timelines are also things that you want to stick to, because due to the way these properties are often financed mortgage payments are steep. Woman #2's was $5600/month.

But of course poor planning, no idea about the cost of things, no DIY experience, not checking out the building before purchase and not checking out the contractors that she hired all bit her on the ass. She blew her budget by more than $50,000 and I think closer to $100,000, and her timeline by about 20 weeks.

Verily I laughed.

Also, they had various real estate agents come in and price the property before she had her open house. Most of them appraised it for anywhere between 900-950K, so she was also pricing it much steeper than it was really worth. This resulted in no bids after the open house, and I think she had to drop the price after that. The only thing that annoyed me was that they didn't actually tell you how much the place sold for at the end, but I get the feeling that she probably didn't make any money on the sale, and if anything lost money. At least woman #1 from the earlier episode sold her house for a profit.

Sometimes people's stupidity is very amusing.

I will say that the entire concept of "flipping" is one I find interesting, and maybe in the future it'd be something to try a hand at, but there is no way that I'd go into something like that without researching properly and doing the math and all that stuff. With the amount of money involved, it's just so foolish not to, and I don't get that people can just blithly walk into situations like that.


Oct. 16th, 2005 03:30 pm
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It never ceases to amaze me how much more stupid shit they can put on tv. Taradise on E! follows Tara Reid as she parties across the world.

How interesting, please someone hold me down before I get overexcited at the prospect of watching it...

It's like Girls Gone Wild, but without the nudity, tits and ass, and with only one cheap college age slut.

Booooooooooooooooooooooooring and a complete waste of tv airtime.


Sep. 1st, 2005 02:06 am
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It creeps me out that there is such a thing as competitive eating. Like this country doesn't already have enough issues with gluttony and overeating as it is... now we need to see people cramming insane amounts of food into their gobs at breakneck speed. And people actually watch this stuff too.

What's worse is that they televise these eating competitions on ESPN, a sports network. There's some great irony in that.

No Mojo

Sep. 1st, 2005 01:12 am
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There's something extremely funny about the American Express ads with Andy Roddick losing his mojo, and the fact that he got beaten in the first round of the US Open...


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