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The day before I left the UK to come home, I realised while packing that I had misplaced my cell phone, sometime between New Year's Eve and the 13th. Either it fell out of my pocket somewhere when we were out, or Dashiell lost it for me when I gave it to him to play with, though that was usually indoors or in the car, but no phone to be found anywhere when it was searched for.

Prez and I were labouring under the impression that our cell plan wasn't up until March, and that I'd have to wait until then to get a new phone with the renewal of our plan. Of course today he found out that our plan was up back in November, and I could immediately get a new phone with the renewal of our plan along with the renewal discounts that you get on the cost of the various phones.

I will soon be getting a nice purple phone, woot! It's on order (because apparently the purple Samsung Gleam is only available on the Verizon website, not in the actual Verizon stores), but I can wait the extra few days for it to be shipped. Prez just called me from his new phone which he picked up on the way home, and he made the guy at the Verizon store put my number on his phone, so for the intermediate period, I will be able to use his old phone. Well, I will when he gets them to unblock my number again, because he had that done when we reported it lost. Knowing my luck that'll occur around the time the new phone arrives...

In other completely unrelated news, I have to thank [ profile] vgnwtch for finding this icon, letting her hubby show it to me, and that I had to steal. It is much with the awesome!
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Eddie Izzard ♥

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From, guess who... [ profile] lunamoth42, and once more, a Black Books icon :)

I need to set up my speakers again, then I can watch the torrent of the 3 season box set which might become available for sale in the US in like 4 years >_<
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Another awesome icon from [ profile] lunamoth42

Black Books rocks! ♥ Manny
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Both Whedon themed... and courtesy of [ profile] darkvervain

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Paid account members have had their user icon numbers increased.

Excellent! *rubs hands together Smithers style*
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More Firefly/Serenity amusement

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And a damn fine reason for being gone too, I might add!


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