Home Again

Oct. 17th, 2007 01:47 am
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As of Sunday evening we are back in NY again.

We're still trying to recover from jet lag and time differences and settle into normal daytime routines again. It was easier on the way over to Australia than it seems to be coming back for some reason. The hardest thing mostly is getting Dashiell back to normal... he's not exactly of an age where you can explain that he needs to stay awake longer or go to sleep earlier in order to adapt his pattern back to normal for this time zone. Hopefully in the next day or two we'll get the hang of it again.

Tomorrow some frantic tidying and clearing away of suitcases and things because my brother arrives from Holland on Thursday to stay for just over 2 weeks. I'm really looking forward to that a lot. He'll be here for Halloween, which we don't have over in Europe, so hopefully that'll be fun for him. And hopefully it'll be more fun for us in our new home/town too than the last one.

Anyway, Dashiell is finally asleep, and so I'm just tempting fate by staying up and not sleeping while I can.

One Week

Sep. 14th, 2007 08:36 pm
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In one week we'll be on a plane to Australia. Or at the airport, I don't know what our flight time is exactly.

Our first trip back in over 6 years, I can't believe it's been that long. I'm looking forward to being back, even if it's only for 3 weeks. I'm not really looking forward to the long flight with Dashiell in tow. He was fine when we took him to South Africa last year in February/March, but he was a hell of a lot less mobile and active than he is now, and he slept more, so it's going to be a real challenge. At least this time he has his own seat, and nowadays you strap in the car seat into the airline seat, so at least I can restrain him during meals and such so I can eat without having to try and consume food with a flailing child. Also it'll be nice to not have to have him on my lap most of the time, though with an infant you do get a bulkhead seat with a cot that they can attach to the wall... but bulkhead seats in economy mean fuck-all leg room (we got bulkhead seats in business class once, when we got upgraded due to some problem, loads of legroom there, hehe).

Apparently Prez's dad told him that the main reason he's excited we're coming is because of Dashiell. Ah, grandparents :P It's so nice to feel wanted.

We arrive in Sydney Sunday morning the 23rd, at oh-god-something in the morning. Every time I've flown in there the flight's been like an hour early due to great weather conditions, so it ends up being close to 6am (airport opening time) when we arrive.

Tuesday through Friday we'll be going out to the Blue Mountains. We had been thinking about a trip out there, and the other day decided on seeing if we could get a cottage and invite some people along rather than go by ourselves. Grandparents were called and invited, and I invited the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nikkles along too. A cottage is nicer when you have a kiddo around, and if there's several people that are coming, it's more economical than a hotel room.

The place looks really nice, and I'm looking forward to this little trip. The cottage is in Katoomba, which is well situated in the Blue Mountains. We're hoping to go to Jenolan Caves as well while we're there.

Once back in Sydney on the 28th, we have no fixed plans until we leave the following week on Thursday to go to Melbourne. Our attendance is required at a wedding on Saturday, and that will be very awesome too. The wedding itself is out in the country, and we won't be in Melbourne proper until Sunday afternoon, where we'll stay until Tuesday evening when we have a flight back to Sydney.

A couple more for-now unscheduled days until we leave to go back to the US on, I think, the Sunday the 14th. I wish we were able to stay longer than 3 weeks, but I'll take what we can get.

Bring on vacation!
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I don't think I've mentioned it yet, at least not specific dates.

PreZ, Dashiell and I will be in Australia from September 23rd (we leave here the 21st) until October 14th.

While we don't have concrete plans for most of our stay, we'll likely be in the Sydney area for much of our stay, with the exception of the weekend of October 6th, when we'll be in Melbourne (not sure how many days yet though, but we're there for an event on the 6th at least).

So, anyone for meeting up, let me know :)
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Tomorrow we leave for a 10 day trip to Holland. My mother turned 55, and one of her sisters also had a birthday (consecutive days), and so they're doing a big joint celebration on the 16th. My mother offered to fly us over there to be there. All fine and dandy.

So, the other week I booked PreZ and my ticket. You can't book infants under 2 online, and I completely forgot to call and add Dashiell until today. Infants under 2 travel as a lap infant, though they still require a paper ticket even though they don't get their own seat (I think the paper ticket is only a requirement on international travel).

I was under the impression that for international flights you pay 10% of the fare for the infant. Okay, fine, that means that we'd be paying around $44 for him. Apparantly, it's 10% of the cheapest fare availible on the date of booking, which the lady on the phone told me would amount to over $500.

Fucking rip-off. He's ON OUR LAP, he doesn't even get his own seat and he's paying more than we are for our seat.

Not only that, I just went online to the airline's website, and the cheapest fare I can find right now for our flight is $2800 roundtrip for 1 adult, and 10% of that is *not* $500+. I've printed off that page as proof/for reference.

It's going to be very interesting at the ticket counter tomorrow...
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In a week and 4 days we're off on vacation for a week.

Skiing in Colorado, woot!

Most of all I'm looking forward to seeing [livejournal.com profile] anachronaut and [livejournal.com profile] nadya_lev, I've missed them terribly the past few months. So being able to spend a couple of days with them, and with [livejournal.com profile] anachronaut's mother & boyfriend will be really nice.

Last weekend we went and bought the clothing gear we'll need. OMFG is it ever expensive to get ski clothing! And it's all the little things and undergarments and accessories that add up. Thankfully it's pretty much a one time investment and will last years. And having been skiing once (a whopping amount of times...) at least I know I like to do it. It'll be PreZ's first time, but I know he'll enjoy it too.

This is the jacket I got:

It's sleek and sexy and reminds me of something Uma Thurman would wear in Kill Bill. I saw it and was in love :D

We have our ski classes and lift passes and gear rental booked already. We do still need to organise daycare for Dashiell, which is something that's making me a tad nervous. Apparently it's right on the slopes so checking in on him (and letting him nurse) during lunch shouldn't be too difficult. It's just that he can be a bit difficult with feeding. There are times when he decides that you can shove the solids where the sun doesn't shine (like today, when he flat out refused to eat anything that didn't come out of a boob, and very reluctantly had some apple sauce this afternoon)... and I'm just hoping he doesn't do that while in the care of someone else.

And then of course there's the issue of napping... oh that will be such fun.

Oh well, baptism by fire I guess. Plus I'll have my phone, and they can always call.

Home Again

Feb. 19th, 2006 01:34 pm
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We are home. We got back yesterday evening. Thanks muchly to [livejournal.com profile] anachronaut for picking us up! (And I'm really sorry for conking out asleep so soon!).

Damn it is really frelling cold here in NY. We walked out of the terminal building yesterday and there was a strong wind. A strong icy wind. No matter which direction I was facing Dashiell got it in the face or past his face. He immediately started crying really loudly. Poor bugger. But I'm with him that it was an extremely unpleasant welcome home to NY after having had high 20s/low 30s Celcius in South Africa.

Anyway, updates are forthcoming, as well as pictures and all that good stuff. The latter especially will take a while because I know we took well over 1000 pictures. Oh the joy of digital cameras, 2GB memory sticks and portable storage media devices. I'll probably only put a selection of shots up on my photo gallery, because I know PreZ wanted to put most of them up on his (no problem, he can upload the bulk of them himself then :P). Links to both will be forthcoming.

Right now it's time to have a shower and shower Dashiell as well and I've already fired up the humidifier in an attempt to stop being zapped and to stop feeling so dehydrated and dry.
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Just dropping in to let people know that I'm doing fine.

South Africa is nice, we got back from 6 nights in Kruger National Park on Wednesday, which was amazing. Unlike the last time I was in Africa, which was in August and thus winter, this time it was summer and so there were still many young animals, which is just cute as anything. We even saw a baby giraffe one morning that still had the remainder of its navel cord, so s/he was super new to this world.

We've had rain here on and off for the last 4 days or so, which is just totally bizarre for this region in this season. Yesterday they were saying that it was 21C (70-something F) in London, UK, in the middle of winter... so I guess we aren't the only ones with weird weather right now.

On Saturday we leave for Cape Town for a few days, and we'll be staying in the Stellenbosch wine region. Hopefully we'll make it up Table Mountain as well, which should make for stunning vistas. The weather for there is looking good at the moment... 27C. They were having their share of bizarre weather too, 40C which is a lot hotter for them usually, as their summers run in the mid 20 Celcius range. Whacky weather all around.

Dashiell is wooing women wherever we go, and I don't think my dad and Diane want to let him go back home with us when we leave ;) They're both completely in love with him, which isn't too strange of course ;)

Anyway, I have to go, as this computer is virtually stone-age and might lock up and die, and it's on dial-up too, argh!


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