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I'm on the Freecycle mailing list for this county. This list provides some hilarity to me at times, watching what people will ask for. Some people seem to forget that this is a list where items are offered for free, this also would generally mean that you shouldn't be too picky about what comes your way, because, you know, it's FREE and not costing you anything.

Earlier in the week, someone posted a Wanted for a horse. Yes, one of those 4 legged furry breathing ones that you can ride on. And it had to be tame/friendly too. Let me just get that for you, one sec, I have a spare in the closet... *eyeroll*.

Another that got me was someone asking for Le Creuset ware. Le Creuset is enameled cast iron cookware, it lasts a long time... my mother has a dutch oven and a saucepan of theirs, and has had them for at least 25 years now. You easily pay $100+ for the pans. So this someone was asking for them, and on top of that, was stipulating that the enamel had to be chip free. It doesn't bother me that they're asking for expensive stuff, hell, what do you have to lose if someone is actually looking to get rid of some... but to be that picky about the state it's in is just rather obnoxious when it's a freebie. Especially considering this county (being the most expensive to live in the country) isn't lacking in well-to-do people.

For now, I'll keep giggling at people asking for high-end items that are unlikely to really appear on a Freecycle list though...
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So, I have a Facebook, as of about 3 weeks ago. Yes, I fail and I'm probably the last person in the world to get with it and join.

On FB, I have this Circle of Moms application, which is essentially all kinds of parenting forums. One of the ones I'm on, is a March 2008 group, given that's when Matilda was born. I figured it might be interesting to have a look-see.

I still have to wonder at the intelligence of some people when their posts are titled "Anyone with a 10 month old?"


Why yes, you dumbass, pretty much everyone else, considering they had a baby IN THE SAME MONTH YOU DID.

Oy vey. Can't even blame it on the pregnant stupids anymore 10-11 months after the fact.

In other news: Facebook totally beats Myspace any which way from Sunday, and sends it home crying to mama.
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Yesterday I went to the grocery store. They had their Halloween candy out already.


I really hate how manufacturers and stores here put out holiday stuff so far in advance nowadays. It completely ruins my enjoyment by sheer overkill, by the time the holiday rolls around, I'm completely sick of all the decorations and peripheral marketing crap.

I don't want to see Halloween stuff in early August when it's close to 100F. Nor do I want to see Christmas crap before Halloween has actually come and gone, which will inevitably happen.
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This morning I spent some time talking on MSN to a friend back home. A friend of my brother's to be more precise, a kid I've known since he was about knee-high to a grasshopper. Among his myriad interests he's been doing photoshoots now. So I point him towards a few people's sites... Nadya Lev, Viona, and then Lithium Picnic.

Imagine my surprise when I go to the Lithium Picnic site and find a post by Apnea explaining that the site is down because Suicide Girls is suing Philip/LP.

What. The. Fuck.

Anyway, if you ever wanted to own some nice LP prints, getting them now will support LP against this frivolous suit.
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God Hates Goths, apparantly.

This site is hilarious, and sad. Full of ridiculously inaccurate stereotypes. You'll get a good laugh out of this, and wonder how anyone with 2 braincells to rub together could believe this stuff.

"Therefore, by the term "Goth" we refer to all categories of gothics, from black metal 'goths' to vampyre 'goths, from thrasher 'goths' to punk 'goths'. Goth is just a word the media uses to group a certain type of people together, as do we. We cannot have an organization called 'Parents Against Goths/Punks/wiccans/self harmers/thrashers/grungers/heavy metallers', because this would be ridiculous."

Actually, I think they should go with 'Parents Against Goths/Punks/wiccans/self harmers/thrashers/grungers/heavy metallers' because at least then their name would be as ridiculous as their organisation.

Other than that, I don't know where to begin really. It's so full of laughable stuff that I might as well quote everything.

Read at your own risk, because it'll probably give you the urge to want to bang your head into your desk repeatedly.

Oh whoops, there I go proving goths are violent and self-harm.

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A 29-year-old sex offender tried to apply to a school as a 12-year-old.

Not only that, this guy was living with, and having sex with, 2 other older pedophiles (one of whom posed as his "grandfather" to try and enroll him in school) who believed he was actually 12. Apparantly they were disappointed to hear he was older...

You couldn't make this stuff up, really you couldn't.
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On an episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy earlier they were doing a weight loss challenge for a newly wed couple, because apparently newlyweds tend to chub up quite a bit once they hit the "comfortable" married zone.

When asked why they thought they were getting fatter, they pretty much answered with "I'm not sure". Mind you, they ate ice-cream nearly every night, and the guy was saying that usually he'd polish off half a Breyers tub in a single sitting. I think Breyers comes in 1/2 gallon tubs... and I think one tub was 14 servings, or so Carson was saying. Their dinners consisted of massive servings, and the woman ate her cereal not with 1% or 2% milk, or even whole... she had Half and Half* on it.

Who even eats cereal with Half and Half on it? The idea alone is enough to make me gag. The only time I've heard of something similarly ridiculous it was reading a post ages ago by someone who decided (F)Atkins was the stupidest thing she'd ever heard of after her brother had started eating his cereal with full cream, because cream had less carbs than milk, and he didn't seem to realise how completely ludicrous that was.

I guess I'm just baffled by the fact that these people seemed to be clueless as to where the faults in their diet lay. My diet is by no means perfect, but at least I know where my trouble spots are.

*"Half and Half" being half cream and half whole milk, for those of you for whom the term is new.
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Well [ profile] valerian, you're not the only one with UPS woes right now... check out this sad little tale on [ profile] cmpriest's LJ.
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How does anyone feel remotely fashionable or sexy buying clothing from a place called Dress Barn? If anything were to make you feel like an unstylish heifer, that would have to be it.
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I occasionally get some really weird emails to my webmistress alterego.

Case in point:

I am the owner of the domain name and I am writing to inform you that the domain name is currently for sale on Ebay. Given the nature of your website / organization I thought that you might be interested in acquiring the domain name for your uses. I am sending this letter to multiple Christian organizations as well as Non-Christian organizations who may have an interest in designing a website using this domain name. Please find the link to the Ebay listing at the end of this email.

There has been so much controversy surrounding Jesus that you can't help but wonder who is right. With books like the DaVinci Code becoming such a hit, it's spawned a craze amongst Christians and Critics alike. Everyone is in on the action and it's a no-holds-barred battle for the truth.

Now you have the chance to voice your beliefs by purchasing one of the hottest Jesus/Religious domains available on the market today. Which side are you on? Will you use the domain to inform fellow Christians about the life of Jesus Christ and persuade non-believers to find redemption? Will you play the part of the Critic and stray from the mainstream beliefs in an effort to reveal the untold story of Jesus? Or will you create a neutral place where all sides can gather to debate the many controversies surrounding the most famous person in history? You make the final decision.

The possible uses for this domain are endless.

Informative Christian site to dispel the myths about Jesus Christ.
Christian youth social network. X appeals to youth.
Blog from the perspective of Jesus.
Forum to discuss the controversy surrounding Jesus.
A gathering place for non-believers.
Great name for a book, promotional site.

I don't know what crack this guy is smoking, but I personally fail to see how we from Goth.Net would be interested in Sure, there are christian goths, but it's not like we're particularly entangled groups. It certainly isn't the most intuitive pairing.

In regards to the potential uses, I understand using the domain for religious purposes, that makes perfect logical sense... but for non-believers? Oh-kay then.

I'm kind of weirded out by the "Blog from the perspective of Jesus" use. I'm not religious, but that strikes me as tacky and/or somewhat blasphemous. At the bare minimum it's extremely arrogant and presumptuous to claim to be blogging from his perspective.

The "X appeals to youth" part just made me laugh. It just seems like a lame effort at trying to be cool and appealing to the hipster kids.
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Okay, I'd already heard about this silent childbirth thing that Katie Holmes will have to adhere to as part of Tom Cruise's wishes and Scientology teachings (apparantly), but this article really makes you wonder, yet again, at the sanity of some scientologists... this comment in particular from some Sydney scientologist who had a mostly silent childbirth:

"I've had friends who didn't have silent births and their children are heavy asthmatics, where my daughter has always been a healthy child.

Err, wtf? So being noisy in childbirth is relational to having an asthmatic child now? This woman is obviously not on the same logic train that the rest of us are riding.
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It's quite amazing to see some people have a very tenuous grasp on language and meaning.

Case in point:

I received an email to my Goth.Net webmistress alter-ego asking for a link exchange. Which is fine, that happens a lot seeing as it's a pretty popular site. I really have to wonder whether people actually bother to read any site content before sending out spam an email.

(Spelling mistakes are theirs, not mine)


I ljust ooked overyour website - - and I really liked the content.

I own a site that provides Computer Networking in Austin- [URL HERE]. Our sites are related to but are not competitive with each other. So, I would like to propose a link exchange partnership with your site.


Please use the following information for the link:

Title: Austin Colocation Provider: Austin Colocation, Austin Server Colocation, Austin Colocation Facility
Description: Austin Colocation Provider: Austin Colocation, Austin Colocation Facility for dedicated server, Austin colocation services, Austin colocation hosting, Austin colocation service provider, Austin colocation.

Keyword overkill in the description notwithstanding, I really don't see what a goth resource/community page has to do with co-location services. The only thing "relating" our sites is the fact that they're both on the world wide web.

Some people...
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I will never understand insurance companies.

Back in October [ profile] prez changed jobs. So, at the end of October, his insurance coverage also ended. Makes sense so far, right? A week after the insurance ended we finally got a new card for Dashiell which had his name spelled correctly. That only took 3+ months and repeated phone calls for them to fix. The new insurance with the new job started in December.

Cut to January, when Dashiell had his heart catheter surgery, which was covered under the insurance from the second job. PreZ got laid off early January, but still had insurance coverage until the end of the month (so we tried to get anything pressing out of the way before the end of the month). We recently got the statement from the insurance about what the hospital had billed to the insurance company. The doctor's fees apparantly get billed seperately.

Today in the mail was a letter from the old insurance company, the one that hasn't been covering us since October. Somehow, miraculously, the doctor who did the procedure on Dashiell in January billed his fees to our old insurance. Not only that, but the insurance company paid it too. We have no idea how he managed that, because we never gave them those details... we handed in our new insurance card when we registered and checked in at the hospital. The insurance company of course was stupid enough to not even notice that they approved a claim for people who aren't even covered by them anymore *headdesk*.

Of course we now have to contact the insurance company, and/or the doctor, and tell them what's going on, because the last thing we need is to be accused of fraud or something, even though it's not even anything we did and all their own screw-up.

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Well, isn't that guy just a total catch. I bet women line up for him.

Misogynist fucktard.
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Yesterday evening I was in a Barnes and Noble for a while before heading off to a supermarket, to see what Paperblanks journals are like in the flesh*, and to browse around the magazine rack a bit. A woman came up to me who had seen me through the window as I was walking around with Dashiell in the mei tai carrier. She said she'd thought I was carrying a doll.

Now, this is kind of odd as an isolated incident, but it's not the first time. A few weeks ago at the mall I had it happen, and not long before that too.

While I like to think I don't look my age, I certainly don't look young enough to be carrying a doll around without looking like a right silly prat. Seriously, what adult woman would be carrying a life size baby doll around? In a store/mall? Worn on the body in a carrier?

* Someone on [ profile] embodiment was showing off their Paperblanks journal, and I fell in love. So I wanted to see what they were like in the flesh and what the sizing was like before I order online, as the local B&N's selection was abysmal, and there are no other stores catering to blank journals nearby.

The above doll story is also part of yesterday's [ profile] embodiment entry.


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