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I've a long way to go, and much to catch up on in the regular chores side of things and other lapsed activities and projects... but I finally feel as though things are starting to come together a bit.

Dashiell has, amazingly enough, been on a much more regular diurnal sleeping pattern for the last couple of weeks, so I feel like I'm much more functional as a result, seeing as I need to be awake during the day specifically for certain things (his therapy for one), and being so without having been up all night due to a nocturnal pattern is much nicer.

We still need to work on improving the quality of his sleep, but just having him in a normal pattern has really helped me feel like I can get out of this slump (or depression really).

[gamer/geek]I've cut back on a few things with WoW too, haven't felt up to raiding every night anyway, and the pvp grind has been boring me to tears, so taking a little distance with that is nice. [/gamer/geek]

I also feel like I have a bit better of an idea of what I want to do with GOTH.NET so that's good too.

Now, I just need to start doing them. Little bits at a time.


Feb. 21st, 2005 05:41 am
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CSS and XHTML ate my brain.

And now it's snowing too.

Sod it.

But at least most of the bloody site works now.


Feb. 17th, 2005 02:46 am
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Imagine my surprise upon finding out that the latest version of Movable Type actually supports postgres. Which 3.0D and 2.661 didn't.


So PreZ installed it for me, on a soon to be unleashed subdomain for the kiddo and all that progress.

And after that I'll get one set up on my new personal subdomain, and overhaul my Greymatter archives to MT.


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