May. 1st, 2009

IRC Funnies

May. 1st, 2009 08:12 am
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<Grey_Loki> I got 69% after 70 tries - my main problems were recognising perfect 4ths and minor 6ths
<khenes> I can't get any
<khenes> shouldn't be surprised...I'm a punk bassist :P
<Grey_Loki> 'Durrrr.....harmony? Consonance?'
<Grey_Loki> :D
<khenes> haha
<khenes> I'll just play these three notes kinda fast, okay guys?
Grey_Loki laughs
<khenes> meanwhile the vocalist is trying to figure out which end of the mic to sing in and the guitarist is currently ODing in the alley behind the venue


May. 1st, 2009 11:56 pm
annuin: (Matilda)
Matilda seems to like helping, or trying to at least. She's in that whole stage of bringing things to you to give. As I type, she just wandered in to hand me a spoon.

Of course, not all of her help is quite as helpful as I'd like. The other night when I was folding laundry, if I took socks out of the basket to pair up, she kept throwing the loose ones back into the basket. The basket that contained folded clothes, she decided needed to be emptied one item at a time. It was funny, but it does get kind of aggravating to put the same laundry in the basket about 5 times.

Earlier I gave her her toothbrush, because she likes to brush her teeth herself for a while, and after we were done brushing her teeth and she was just wandering around the bedroom with it, she came over to me as I was sitting on the floor watching her, and poked the brush at my mouth. When I obliged and opened up, she actually tried brushing my teeth. It was rather cute.


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